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Berlin music venue that really is "like someone's living room"...

We’ve all been to a gig venue that was so small it was “like someone’s living room”. What if it was? Not actually someone’s living room, the neighbours may be aghast at that proposition – especially given some of the shit I go to see live – but “like someone’s living room”. Step over the threshold of this bar in artsy Prenzlauer Berg, and all will become clear. For this two-floor watering hole cum music venue is a hip Berlin hangout that wants to be your nan’s front room. Ladies and gentlemen, chintz is alive and well, and living in Europe’s most uncompromising city.

Up-and-coming DJs, bands and performers from around the world share the space with kitsch whicker chairs, unashamedly lurid fabrics and nauseating wallpaper – whilst Berlin’s cool kids, who are probably too young to have grandparents whose houses are kitted out like this, can play arcade games on vintage consoles that they’re probably too young to remember. Mario Kart may be familiar to the hip young things, but they’ll be wondering why the screen is making him so pixelated. Confused hipsters aside, Intersoup – warmly hued in a tone I like to call ‘brothel-red’ – is a homely little oddity that, like much of its city, is a tad reluctant to play by the rules. Somebody pass me the Bombay mix.

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