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Foodie bar is a visual feast...

According to the firm behind 83 on Club Street, Singapore, they believe “it’s better to eat in a bar than drink in a restaurant.” I couldn’t disagree more. I hate eating in bars, because it drastically reduces the time I can spend drinking, smoking tabs and talking bollocks, which are three of the 5 main reasons for me going to bars at all, the 4th being to listen to music, and the last we shall leave to discretion.

However, if you are among those who do like to chow down while you get down, 83 seems like one of the best places to do it. This is another in the lengthening chain of Singapore collaborations between designers The Stripe Collective and hospitality group Deliciae (see their attempt at the world’s most upmarket burger joint for another example). The menu is one of cocktails and bar bites, all in the typically upmarket Singaporean style.

The dynamic duo have gone for a “Jules Verne meets Banksy” look – no pressure there then – and indeed urban artists have been smuggled in under cover of darkness to do their thing on the walls, but there are also classical and pop-art images to gawp at. Carved wooden speakers and amps seem to support the bar, and the zig-zag floor is an interesting, if potentially dizzying, addition. Whatever my personal preference, the punters will be gobbling this place up.

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