OWEN, Meatpacking District

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OWEN, Meatpacking District

Fashion boutique is a hive of creativity...

Dedicated followers of fashion are often accused of going along with the crowd, of being sheep, even of participating in a hive mind mentality towards trends, but the discerning fashionista in New York City can now enter a hive of a different kind, in the form of OWEN, a new boutique from rising star of the clothing world Phillip Salem.

Tacklebox architecture’s Jeremy Barbour is the man responsible for the striking construction of the store, an 1800 sq ft space in the city’s Meat Packing District. He used 25,000 brown paper bags to form a continuous floor-to-ceiling tunnel, which creates quite a buzz for the customer.

Inside the space there are clothes from over 70 designers – presumably only one piece each judging from the slender stock levels, but with an interior like this behind the racks, less is more.

OWEN, New York OWEN, New York OWEN, New York