Ropero, by Hierve

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Ropero, by Hierve

Bold modular wardrobe system is an exhibitionist's dream...

However many tribal uniforms our contemporary Western cultures may comprise of (from Strokes-inspired spray-on-jeaned rockstar wannabes to oligarch-baiting super-boobed Chelski-girls; a day spent crossing London’s suburbs should cover most of them) pretty much all of us – nudists aside – fall into one of two categories: those who see clothing as a distracting necessity and thereby seek function over flair, and those who see fashion as an extension of their individual personalities – wanting all and sundry to see their latest purchases.

I fall firmly into the latter, and as such, Mexico/London-based design consultancy Hierve‘s latest product is pretty much my perfect wardrobe; the exhibitionist’s fashion showcase. Part display cabinet, part free-standing closet, Ropero – Spanish for wardrobe – is a modular system that bowled us over at last week’s designjunction show.

Allowing a number of equally beautiful permutations, all finished with deft skill and plentiful detail, Ropero – with its bold colours, and slick lighting – is the ideal home for your most treasured garments… just make sure you don’t team it up with Primark’s latest collection. SO not a good look.

Ropero, by Hierve Ropero, by Hierve Ropero, by Hierve

Hierve’s Ropero at designjunction 2012,
Photo © We Heart

Ropero, by Hierve Ropero, by Hierve Ropero, by Hierve Ropero, by Hierve Ropero, by Hierve Ropero, by Hierve