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new restaurant gives shelter to traditional street eats...

We like a nice plush restaurant trip as much as the next online magazine, with their luxurious surroundings, attentive staff and polished presentation. But, like a hungry Dr Dre, we’ve still got love for the street eats – inexpensive street food found in Asia that’s quick and tasty, although not always the prettiest (or safest, come to that).

Play Pot, a new restaurant in Seoul, has decided to bring together Boonsik, Korea’s street food, and restaurant dining, to create a best-of-both-worlds concept. Elements of the outdoor dining experience have been transported inside; a tarpaulin emulating the temporary nature of the vendors hangs in the ceiling space of Play Pot, softening the lighting above it. Lim Tae Hee Design Studio, are the brains behind the aesthetic, used opaque glass and plastics elsewhere and the effect takes the edge of the hustle and bustle outside.

There’s no website for the restaurant, but if you’re in town, head over to 925-23 Bangbae dong, Seocho-gu.

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Photography © Park YoungChae