Folklore, Islington


Folklore, Islington

Stylish new boutique with a knack for the effortless...

Effortless is a word I use a lot, effortlessly this, effortlessly that; but it’s a word that’s hard not to use here. I imagine that there’s very little effortless whatsoever about newly opened Islington design store Folklore, yet it’s a word that’s still screaming out at me. Quite conversely, I imagine truck loads of effort has been put into making a store look this… effortless.

You see, effortless is that unquantifiable ‘cool’, it’s the male model with bedraggled hair, that wakes up looking like he’s spent an hour in the salon, it’s the swaggering musician who makes a tantric guitar solo look like a bored teenager twatting about in his bedroom. And that’s what this achingly stylish design boutique has in abundance.

Craftsmanship, authenticity, up-cycling, recycling; there’s a realness to this shop that most buyers, retailers and curators would spend years trying, and failing, to recreate, yet husband and wife team Danielle and Rob Reid have mastered it here, so, so… effortlessly.

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