Acne, 3 Rue Froissart


Acne, 3 Rue Froissart

Swedish brand show off their minimal Scandinavian aesthetic...

A firm favourite with editors of so-hip-it-hurts glossies around the world, Jonny Johansson’s ACNE have come a long way since 1997 – when he gave out 100 pairs of jeans to his friends and family in Stockholm. Now Johansson – the creative force behind one of the world’s most in-demand lifestyle labels – is opening a second boutique in Paris; and continuing to ply the brand’s minimal Scandinavian aesthetic… “Let’s just say it’s not French. I absolutely love Paris, but I had to do something Swedish. Especially the colour, it’s very non-Parisian”.

The remnants of crude, industrial walls are all that remain of this former garage; bold, crisp yellows and reds now accompany elegant aluminium partitions where the cars and oil once were, whilst avant garde furnishings and contemporary LED lighting complete the typically uncompromising space.

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