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Edgy and industrial reinterpretation of big-money US project...

It’s been said that Lodz is the “Manchester of Poland”, once a hive of successful industrial businesses it’s experienced the troubles that have followed their demise yet remains a culturally rich city. As one of the cities many up-and-coming venues, the owners of Zmianatematu restaurant – situated on the city’s most prominent street, Piotrkowska – wanted a unique space that could accommodate art happenings, exhibitions and cultural events; and called upon young Warsaw based designers, xm3, to come up with the goods.

The results – by their own admission – are inspired by Office dA’s designs for Boston restaurant Banq, but, wherever you may draw the inspiration/plagiarism line; it’s of our belief that you can never have too many beautiful looking interiors. With rough, industrial touches giving xm3’s interpretation a decidedly more gritty and urban edge, we can only applaud their efforts on a particularly small budget. Edgy, vibrant and culturally rich; this restaurant is very befitting its city’s growing reputation…

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