Ruinart “Kotoli” Picnic Box


Ruinart “Kotoli” Picnic Box

Elegant urban picnic box imitates perching city birds...

Japanese designers Nendo are a busy little bunch. They throw out splendiferous designs even more frequently than David Guetta throws out ear-bleedingly-bad, misogynist euro-pop, and that’s saying something. Their latest endeavour is for the oldest Champagne house in the business, the decidedly luxurious Ruinart – and predictably good it is too.

Charged with producing an urban take on a traditional picnic box, the designers took their inspiration from the way birds perch for a rest on the countless telephone cables that criss-cross the streets of their native Tokyo. The result is a beautifully chic box with elegant stemless flutes — a silver ring allowing for them to ‘perch for a rest’ on the bottle, the picnic box or the birds-nest restaurant tray.

Ruinart Kotoli Picnic BoxRuinart Kotoli Picnic BoxRuinart Kotoli Picnic BoxRuinart Kotoli Picnic Box