How To Use Instagram Marketing


How To Use Instagram Marketing

How to use Instagram marketing to make your business go viral; six key strategies that can help boost your business account...

Instagram marketing is an effective way to reach an audience of millions, engage customers, and build your own brand. It is a visual platform that has gained immense popularity due to its image-based campaigns and allows users to post photos and videos, follow other users’ posts, comment on them, view user stories, hashtags, and more. Through this network, businesses have access to the mobile generation—over one billion active Instagram users worldwide. Here’s how to use Instagram marketing to boost your account and help your business go viral…

How To Use Instagram Marketing To Make Your Business Go Viral: 6 strategies for boosting your account

Strategies to Increase Reach on Instagram

An effective strategy on Instagram can increase your business’s visibility, build trust and loyalty, and ultimately boost sales. To maximise your reach on Instagram, here are some strategies you should consider:

1 – Use creative content

Be creative with the type of content you create and share, such as videos, GIFs, stories, and contests. This will keep your Instagram followers engaged and encourage organic sharing.

2 – Use the power of hashtags

Create relevant hashtags that your followers can use to find more information about your brand or product, this will help other users discover you too! Create a unique hashtag to be associated with your brand so that it becomes synonymous with it.

3 – Leverage influencers

Working with influencers who have influence in the same market segment as yours can increase brand visibility exponentially within their network of followers who might not have found you otherwise. You could also get them to shout out your account or post a photo wearing or using one of your products – both would work great for building brand awareness quickly!

4 – Make the most of stories

Sharing behind-the-scenes videos is an effective way to showcase more personal aspects of your business which helps customers forge a stronger connection with it. Throwing in polls and questions will engage viewers even further by allowing them to provide feedback on what they like/dislike about what products or services are being offered by the business! Utilise Instagram Live for interactive Q&A too!

5 – Post regularly

Posting regularly is important to keep followers engaged and interested in what’s happening in your business thus leading more people to discover it through their own networks. Scheduling posts ahead of time will help ensure you stick to regular updates without fail!

6 – Buy likes

If you’re looking to boost your Instagram following, one of the quickest and easiest ways is to buy Instagram likes. By doing this, you’re essentially paying for someone to give your content a thumbs up, which helps increase its visibility and reach.

More likes = more exposure = more followers. There are a lot of different services out there that sell likes, so it’s important to do your research before settling on one. Make sure you read reviews and compare pricing – some companies are definitely better (and cheaper!) than others.

How To Use Instagram Marketing To Make Your Business Go Viral: 6 strategies for boosting your account

Benefits of Instagram Marketing

Instagram has become one of the fastest-growing social media networks, making it an attractive platform for businesses to use. Instagram marketing offers the potential to reach large audiences with engaging visuals, making it a great tool for increasing brand awareness, building relationships with customers, and promoting products or services. When used strategically, Instagram can be a powerful asset in any digital marketing strategy to help businesses reach their goals.

Some of the key benefits of utilising Instagram as a marketing tool include:

– Increasing Brand Visibility and Reach: With over 1 billion users worldwide, brands have a unique opportunity to tap into such a vast audience with each post. This allows companies to showcase products and services through creative visuals that draw attention and get their message across quickly and effectively.

– Accessing Powerful Analytics Tools: The analytics features on Instagram provide valuable information regarding user engagement and demographics which can give important insights into customer preferences and behaviours that can better inform future campaigns.

– Promotion Opportunities: Through sponsored posts feature on Instagram, companies can create ads tailored to specific audiences based on interests or location as well as select the desired reach they hope to achieve from potential customers or followers.

– Growing Engagement among Your Audience: By using picturesque visuals that convey meaning in a split-second attention span world – users have quick access to content without having any real effort within only tapping 2 fingers in their time precious time. Engaging with customers through interactions such as likes, comments or shares is an effective way for brands to connect more personally and create meaningful relationships with them.

How To Use Instagram Marketing To Make Your Business Go Viral: 6 strategies for boosting your account

Analysing and Optimising Instagram Performance

Analysing and optimising your Instagram performance is an essential step in achieving your desired growth. With the right analytics tools and strategies, you can understand how your audience is engaging with your content, assess what content works best and identify ways to reach more of the right users.

To maximise effectiveness, start by determining how you want to measure success. Do you want to focus on the number of followers or account engagement? Once you’ve identified these metrics, use Instagram Insights – a built-in analytics platform within the app – to track them over time.

To track overall profile performance, look at weekly averages of post engagements such as comments and likes. If they decrease over a certain period of time, consider revising your current strategy or testing new content types; Try experimenting with stories (ephemeral content that’s only visible for 24 hours after published) or IGTV (content up to 60 minutes long).

By experimenting with different post styles in this way, you can gain greater insights into which resonates most effectively among your audience, allowing you to optimise content accordingly. Additionally, use analytics tools from third-party providers that can show historical comparisons for deeper insights.

Finally, develop a plan of action for long-term growth with specific objectives such as follower counts and engagement rates per post. To achieve your goals consider joining relevant hashtag groups that help increase visibility as well as monitor user interactions with custom keywords and topics regularly to determine what appeals most to them.


Instagram marketing is a great way to help your business go viral. With the right strategy, you can use Instagram to reach a larger audience and grow your brand in ways that you never thought possible. By understanding how to create content that resonates with users, optimising your posts for search engines, staying active on the platform, leveraging influencer marketing, and running ads on Instagram, you’ll be able to achieve impressive results for your business in no time.