White Sapphire vs Diamond



White Sapphire vs Diamond

White Sapphire vs Diamond: Let's have a look at whether white sapphire can really be used as a diamond substitute...

White sapphire vs diamond; can this versatile gemstone truly be replace diamond as the gem for the special moments in life? Let’s have a look.

When it comes to choosing a stone for an engagement ring or other jewellery, the White Sapphire Stone is often thought to be the perfect diamond substitute. It is a gemstone that appears similar to a diamond and has many of the same qualities.

White sapphire is a hard yet versatile gemstone that can be used in all types of jewellery. The stone is often confused with white topaz, but it’s a completely different gemstone that’s harder and more durable than its counterpart.

White sapphire is also available in a much wider variety of shapes, including ovals and rounds as well as fancy cuts like hearts, marquise and pear-shaped stones. Here are the factors that can make white sapphires an apt substitute for diamonds:

White Sapphire vs Diamond: Can White Sapphire Be Used as A Diamond Substitute?

Rich Colour and High Quality

White sapphires have a bright, pure colour that’s very similar to that of diamonds and can be found in a range of shades from light to dark. The most popular colour for White Sapphire Ring is an icy-white hue known as “D” fire, which ranges from an almost clear stone with just a hint of colour to a deep blue-grey.

The purest form of this gemstone is clear white with no visible impurities or fractures—a rarity among natural stones. It’s also extremely durable and hardy, making it suitable for all types of jewellery settings.

The white sapphire cost varies widely depending on size, cut and clarity as well as other factors such as colour saturation (how close it is to being colourless). At stores like GemPundit, you can shop for the perfect white sapphire engagement ring at an affordable price. So, when considering white sapphire vs diamond, its lower price certainly pits it higher than the ‘classic’ gem.

In fact, trusted sellers offer a free lab certificate with every purchase. So, you can rest assured that your white sapphire is 100% natural and authentic. The certificate also indicates the weight, colour and carat of your stone so that you can determine its value.

Belongs to Corundum Mineral Family

White sapphire is a member of the corundum family, which includes coloured gemstones such as ruby and emerald. It also includes fancy-coloured sapphires that are blue, yellow, orange, purple, green and pink.

Corundum is one of the most common minerals on earth and is second only to quartz in abundance. It has an atomic structure with an aluminium core surrounded by oxygen atoms arranged in a cubic crystal lattice. The different colours we see in natural corundum minerals come from impurities trapped within these small spaces between the aluminium oxide crystals; different impurities produce different colours.

White sapphires are the purest corundum colour and contain no impurities. The crystal structure of white sapphire produces a bright, clear stone with excellent transparency.

White Sapphire vs Diamond: Can White Sapphire Be Used as A Diamond Substitute?

White Sapphire Is Extremely Pure and Offers Great Clarity

The colour of the stone is pure white, and the stone is transparent enough to be worn as an engagement ring or other fine jewellery piece. White sapphires are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and cuts. They can be set in rings to create beautiful solitaire pieces or used in multi-stone settings.

The stone sparkles evenly across its surface and looks beautiful in any setting. If you’re looking for an affordable diamond alternative, consider purchasing a white sapphire ring or pendant today!

This Gemstone Is Pretty Hard

A white sapphire ring can be worn for years without losing its shine or colour. The gemstone has a Mohs hardness of 9 on a scale of 1 to 10, making it one of the hardest gemstones available today.

However, it’s important to understand hardness and how it works within the context of diamonds and other gems. Hardness refers to how easily a material can be scratched by another material. The Mohs scale of mineral hardness was developed by Friedrich Mohs in 1812 as an attempt to standardize the way hardness is measured for various materials. It is based on 10 minerals with known values that define 10 points on this scale (from 1-10), with each mineral being assigned one value per point.

This means that if you were looking at two different materials on this chart and trying to decide which one was harder than another, all you’d have to do is compare their numbers on their respective rows or columns—it’s pretty straightforward. Being second only to diamonds (rating of 10), white sapphires are some of the hardest gemstones in the world. Their toughness makes them ideal for everyday wear, as they can withstand quite a bit of abuse without breaking or scratching.

Much More Affordable Than Diamonds

White sapphires are much more affordable than diamonds, which makes them an ideal option for people who want to purchase a high-quality stone without spending a fortune. Because they’re less expensive than other types of precious stones, white sapphires can be used in many different ways (e.g., as a simple accent piece or as the main focus of an engagement ring).

The stone can be found in a wide range of sizes and shapes, including round cut, oval cut, cushions and more. Larger stones can be quite expensive—especially if they’re very bright white with lots of colourless flashes. For example, a 1-carat white sapphire would cost around $70-100 whereas a comparable diamond would be closer to $4,000.

Even if you’re on a budget and want to give your loved one an affordable gift that will be cherished forever, you can buy a smaller white sapphire. It may not be as flashy as its diamond counterpart, but it will still stand out from other rings in its way. With its durability, clarity and sparkle, this gemstone will help you shine all day long. So, when looking at the case of white sapphire vs diamond, they’re different options, and diamond may remain a girl’s best friend, but white sapphire is a fine option for those seeking high quality and durability on a budget.