Make Your Marketing More Memorable

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Make Your Marketing More Memorable

Some of the best adverts are the ones that stick in our mind. Discover simple steps how you can make your marketing more memorable...

Some of the best adverts are the ones that stick in our mind. When it comes to creating effective marketing strategies, it’s important to consider memorability. Not everyone is going to buy your product there and then. Some of us prefer to shop around or ponder on a purchase. By making sure that your poster, or social media ad or website is memorable, you can generate more long-term leads. Below are just a few different tactics for making your marketing more memorable.

Make Your Marketing More Memorable

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Make your USP clear

Every business needs to have a unique selling proposition (USP). This is the feature that makes your business stand out from the crowd. For example, a restaurant’s USP could be that it’s the only local vegan restaurant, that it has a kids’ play area or that you get a free drink with every meal.

Your USP should be clear within your marketing and not just something you mention in small print. This unique feature won’t just help grab people’s attention, but will also ensure that you’re not forgotten.

Be creative with visuals

There are certain visual gimmicks that you can employ to grab people’s attention such as bright colours, large text and sexy models. However, if you want to create a lasting impression, you need to get creative.

Don’t be afraid to get visually weird when designing a billboard or video ad. An unusual character or scene could help your advert to be more memorable. Don’t just try to imitate adverts produced by other brands.

Appeal to different senses

Most marketing is purely visual or audial. However, it’s possible to appeal to all five senses by trying experiential marketing. This could include letting people physically touch your product, handing out food samples or letting people smell perfumes. Appealing to all five senses could help to create a stronger memory regarding your product or service.

An experiential marketing agency can help you host a marketing event and come up with ideas to appeal to the senses. Food and scent based companies can benefit most from this type of marketing, however other companies can benefit too.

Make Your Marketing More Memorable

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Tell a compelling story

Using adverts to tell a story can be another effective way to not just grip consumers but create a lasting impression. This needs to be a compelling story that is inspiring, funny or heartfelt.

Videos are some of the best ways to tell a story. There are video marketing agencies that may be able to help you come up with story ideas. This guide offers a few more tips for telling a story with your marketing.

Provide shocking stats

Shocking stats can be another way to make your marketing memorable. These aren’t just stats that support the need for your product or service, but stats that aim to surprise consumers.

You may be able to find these stats by researching previous studies. Alternatively, you could try carrying out your own studies. Just make sure that any stats you provide are accurate and that the source is cited.

Encourage debate

Being controversial is another way to make your marketing memorable. Obviously, you have to be careful when being controversial – picking a side in a debate could potentially put off consumers with opposing views. This is particularly the case with political or religious views, which are often best off avoided (although many brands in recent years have challenged this).

A less risky way to encourage debate is to pose questions or create polls that cause consumers to argue among themselves. This is particularly impactful on social media where it can encourage engagements. Such marketing tactics may also make people think of your product if the same argument ever comes up in the future.

Use humour correctly

Throwing some humour into your marketing can also make it more memorable. Just be sure to use it correctly as a bad joke can backfire.

Generally speaking, when telling jokes in adverts, you either need to make them incredibly witty or so deliberately bad that you get people groaning. Remember who your consumers are when using humour and make sure that the context is right. You’re more likely to get away with jokes when advertising a sex toy than you are when advertising a funeral service. That said, you can still use humour in the latter case; it’s just a much more delicate balancing act. If you’re worried a joke may be misinterpreted, it’s best to avoid it.