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Subscribe To These 100% Free OnlyFans Content Creators

Best free OnlyFans accounts to follow featuring hot Only Fans girls (2022)

Let’s face it – Pornhub gets really old, really quick. If you’re tired of listening to advertisements that kill the mood, when all you want is hot content online, why not change the pace?

You might be asking yourself: Don’t I have to pay for OnlyFans stuff, though?

The short answer is “no”.

Our favorite free OnlyFans accounts in 2022 feature hot models offering subscriptions at zero cost – yes, that means you’ll get access to thousands of photos and videos upon signup.

For personalized content, enticing sexts, or full-length clips that put mainstream adult films to shame, a new level of naughty excitement is one click away.

Best Free OnlyFans Rated and Reviewed

Haley Brooks – Best free OnlyFans account all-around
Bella Bumzy – Hot gamer girl with jaw-dropping curves
Molly Sims – Gentle femdom extraordinaire
Riley Kwums – Seductive mistress with heaps of content
Emmy Beehz – Fun-sized OnlyFans girl with no limits
Carli – She kissed a girl (and she liked it)
Lucy – Empowering OnlyFans girl
Aisha – Up-and-coming hottie on Only Fans
Daisy – Celebrity look-alike with VIP content

1. Haley Brooks – Best Free OnlyFans Account Overall

Haley Brooks


– Addictive video clips
– She’s the perfect online GF
– Happily creates custom media
– Barely-SFW social media

While some free OnlyFans accounts are bound to disappoint, Haley Brooks’s free page is here to stay. Her all-natural attributes and innocent face imply that she’s God’s favorite, but her naughty personality and kinky fantasies reveal a much darker side to this college cutie.

She’s eager to show off her best angles and her OnlyFans page lists 1,215 media tidbits that deliver on this promise.

It’s hard to find premium content like this for free, but Haley’s ends justify the means.

We scrolled through 1,046 NSFW photos and 169 addictive shorts designed to lure you into her paid OnlyFans account, which lists 44 exclusive photos and 1 full-length scene. Her introductory price lies at only $3/month.

Haley specializes in solo XXX content, but her collection of sex toys is not to be underestimated.

With this sentiment in mind, she happily fulfills custom requests and brings dirty words to life for generous tippers. To steal Haley’s words, fun and excitement are just a DM away. Haley’s also the perfect online girlfriend as she establishes a meaningful connection from afar.

It’s no wonder she’s accrued 249k likes in short order.

For the same reason, her saucy IG page boasts 550k followers, all of whom are eager to watch Haley play dress-up and smile for the camera.

Visit Her Instagram

Visit Her Paid OnlyFans

2. Bella Bumzy – Geeky Gamer With Free Only Fans

Bella Bumzy


– Great geek content
– Multitasking queen
– Barely legal
– Creativity for days

Bella Bumzy is finally 18; and she’s really into video games.

If you’re looking for a curvy waifu that’ll never say no, Bella’s the girl to follow. She’s great at multitasking and her free OnlyFans page gives users a taste of the real thing.

We found 20 teaser pics on her free page, but it’s clear that she’s withholding her best angles for generous tippers and paying subscribers. Even still; you can get a tantalizing peek at her sensuality without dropping a dime.

Her barely-SFW Instagram page serves the same purpose, and you can join 404k followers that stick around for the curves. We’re not sure how big her walk-in closet is, but she manages to throw on yet another revealing outfit for the camera almost every day.

When you decide you want more (and you will, trust us); you’ll unlock 763 paid photos and videos on her paid OnlyFans page for $3 upfront.

Bella’s collection primarily features solo content, but she gets creative to deliver an unforgettably erotic experience. You can also pay for a fantastic online girlfriend experience from the Discord kitten you’ve always wanted.

She loves interacting with her fans – she’s raked in 136k OnlyFans likes with a flirtatious approach to crafting personalized messages and creating custom content.

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Visit Her Paid OnlyFans

3. Molly Sims – Free OnlyFans Creator & Kink Specialist

Molly Sims


– Popular among the gents
– Gentle femdom specialist
– Exclusive, fetish-ready content
– 1,013 commanding posts

Molly knows how to take charge of your naughtiest fantasies, and she’s a pro at milking her loyal subscribers (for tips). This long-haired, LA-based college brat mixes a commanding aura with gorgeous eyes that stare through your soul to expose your most embarrassing desires.

In other words, she’s a gentle but stern dominatrix that won’t take no for an answer.

Then again, with 921 naughty photos and 92 alluring video clips on-tap for free, how could anybody decline?

Molly’s amassed 272k OnlyFans likes for showing off her revealing outfits, tantalizing personality, and mind-bending way with words. She breaks your will and breaks the bank with custom requests and personalized instructions that light the fire down below.

There’s no getting around it – when you decide you want a deeper connection, Molly is happy to put you in your place for the right price. She’s BDSM-friendly, and there’s almost nothing she hasn’t heard or done before.

When she’s not responding to boatloads of messages, she’s producing custom content geared towards your kinks and fetishes.

She might even laugh at your desperation – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Brat tamers will have their work cut out for them, but Molly can be coaxed into submissive obedience with the right approach. At this moment, she’s banned on Twitter for her no-limits perspective, so her OnlyFans is the only place you can get in touch (for now).

4. Riley Kwums – Naughty Free OnlyFans Girl

Riley Kwums


– Mistress of seductive messaging
– 30 free teaser photos
– 1,151 paid pics and vids
– 132k OnlyFans likes

Much like a Venus flytrap, Riley lures in her prey with 30 teaser photos that showcase her sweet nectar for the world to see. She’s got curves for weeks, and her apple-shaped bottom keeps the subscribers rolling in.

To see the most of Riley’s high-value production skills and watch that come-hither personality melt your brain into a gooey puddle, you’ll have to spring for her paid account. She’s got 1,100 raunchy photos and 51 erotic videos locked behind a $3/month paywall.

Given her frequent uploads, XXX-rated content, and unique approach to making your mouth water with anticipation, you’ll get unmatched value for your dollar.

Riley loves taking candids in public, but she’s equally happy at home while expressing her physicality on camera.

She’s already shot up the OnlyFans charts with 132k likes from her satisfied subscribers, so we’re inclined to believe she’s doing something right. When you decide to get more intimate with Riley, her dirty way with words is guaranteed to drive you wild.

When she’s not fulfilling custom requests, running explicit live shows, or posing for the camera with gaping holes and huge smiles, Riley is the mistress of seductive messaging.

She gets up-close-and-personal to encourage post-nut-satisfaction in record time.

You can watch Riley pleasure herself and showcase her most revealing angles on Twitter, where she maintains 20.8k followers who stick around for the nudes.

Visit Her Twitter

Visit Her Paid OnlyFans Account

5. Emmy Beehz – Uninhibited OnlyFans Model With Free Account

Emmy Beehz


– Petite & fun-sized
– Submissive, uninhibited personality
– 1,202 barely-SFW teasers
– Premium, no-limits content available

Emmy Beehz’s petite frame and uninhibited personality put endless possibilities on the table. As you might infer with 1,202 teaser pics and vids to scroll through, she isn’t afraid to bare it all for the camera.

Her free content leaves little to the imagination, and she occupies impossibly revealing angles with similarly skimpy outfits. That said, her fetish-oriented, exclusive content is something you’ll have to purchase separately.

She lets her freak flag fly as she works tirelessly to fulfill customs and send out personalized messages with a BDSM-inspired flair. Given her affordable rates for premium content, it’s obvious that she’s a people-pleaser with an obedience kink.

Her arms-length array of fetishes grows larger by the day, and there’s nothing she won’t do to keep her subscribers satisfied. Emmy’s got a submissive streak that runs deep, and she curates individualized sexts that put you in charge.

When you say “jump”, she asks, “how high?”.

It’s no wonder she’s earned 130k likes on the platform for her zero-boundaries approach to content creation. If you’re looking for a girl who bends and breaks to meet your darkest desires with a smile on her face, Emmy Beehz fits the bill.

She loves getting tossed around like the fun-sized package she aspires to be, and her exclusive stuff includes everything from solo XXX content to orgies and public play.

Her spicy Instagram page is broken for now, but you’ll enjoy the best view on her OnlyFans.

6. Carli – Free Only Fans Content from a College Cutie



– 1,193 tantalizing photos and videos
– She kissed a girl (and she liked it)
– Happily fulfills custom requests
– There’s no room for imagination

If you’re in the mood for sweetness mixed with sensuality, pour yourself a Cup of Carli. Her bubbly personality, flexible fantasies, and curvy features have earned this college cutie upwards of 219k likes on OnlyFans.

Here’s the best part…

You can drool over 1,140 erotic photos and 53 addictive video clips for free.

You won’t have to pay a red cent to see Carli in her full glory, and she dons skimpy outfits that stop just short of full nudity. Even still, she knows how to pick her angles for the best view.

There’s no room for imagination on her OnlyFans, and her saucy IG page delivers more of the same. Along with 131k loyal followers, you’ll catch Carli showing off her revealing sense of style in public.

If you’re not satisfied with thousands of erotic teasers, her exclusive content is worth the entry fee. Carli charges reasonable rates for girl-on-girl scenes, solo XXX videos, and orgies where she’s the main character in her college dorm.

She also creates fantasy-oriented content in full cosplay gear while going to extreme lengths to please her subscribers. Carli lives to serve up hot content; and it’s impossible to say no when she hits you with those puppy-dog eyes.

You can solicit individualized attention through her DMs; and it won’t take long before she’s sexting you with a sweet “good morning” text attached.

Visit Her Instagram

7. Lucy – Inclusive, Free Only Fans Model



– Loud for a mute girl (her words, not ours)
– Disability-inclusive OnlyFans account
– Curates fetish-friendly customs
– 1,000+ free photos and videos

Lucy Goyette doesn’t let her disability inhibit her passion for creating content.

By turning her life-altering condition into an asset that benefits her bank account, she vouches for inclusivity and empowerment among disabled sex workers.

With a gorgeous body and pretty face to match, it’s no wonder she’s earned 159k likes from loyal OnlyFans subscribers. We scrolled through 1,017 foxy photos and 66 enticing shorts that give viewers a free taste of her curvy attributes.

Of course; her free NSFW gallery is filled with teasers designed to make you want more.
Lucy isn’t afraid to express her physicality on camera, and she happily produces fetish-friendly content that doubles as a sexy introduction to mute adult films.

You’ll hear just how loud Lucy can get as she brings your darkest fantasies to life.

For the right price, she’s willing to explore her extra-sensitive senses more intimately.

She curates personalized sexts and creates boiling-hot scenarios that leave her viewers vulnerable to an early finish. Lucy’s also fluent in ASL; which is a standout feature for mute guys who happen to fancy her page.

Although her OnlyFans page is completely free, Lucy’s saucy IG account gives viewers an even more revealing peek into her daily life. She’s amassed 879k Instagram followers, and her barely-SFW page shows Lucy Goyette in everything but her birthday suit.

Visit Her Instagram

8. Aisha – Up-And-Coming Free OnlyFans Content Creator



– Up-and-coming OnlyFans model
– 400+ NSFW pics and vids
– Flexible & interactive personality
– Premium, fetish-oriented content

Aisha’s an up-and-coming OnlyFans model who inches towards mainstream recognition with each passing day. Her bubbly, interactive personality, no-limits approach to content creation, and curvy attributes give her subscribers more than they bargained for.

Her Instagram page skyrocketed to popularity for the same reason.

She’s got 24.8k followers on the platform, and she knows how to show off without revealing too much. All in all, her IG gives viewers a free taste of what’s to come.

Aisha has already earned 12.6k likes on OnlyFans; and you can view her entire NSFW gallery for free. We found 413 compromising photos and videos to scroll through; the vast majority of which are X-rated.

She’s invested in a slew of sex toys that put a creative twist on her frequent uploads. She loves baring her birthday suit for the camera, but you’ll find some lingerie pics with revealing angles mixed into her collection.

Combined with her interactive personality and open mind, she’s practically begging for custom suggestions from her subscribers. Aisha is open to anything and everything, basically.

When she’s not creating XXX-rated content with a heaping dose of BDSM on the side, she’s eagerly responding to her fans with personalized sexts and flirtatious messages that wake your sleeping dragon.

Visit Her Instagram

9. Daisy – Celebrity Doubletake With OnlyFans Free



– Pete Davidson regrets his choices
– Heaps of exclusive content
– 597 barely-SFW teasers
– Frequent live shows

Daisy Dray’s uncanny pop-star resemblance, laundry list of fetishes, and free subscription will make you pinch yourself.

Don’t worry – you’re not dreaming!

She’s amassed 105k likes on OnlyFans and she brings 597 erotic media posts to your fingertips for the low price of free. We enjoyed scrolling through 529 raunchy pics and 68 addictive shorts that made us realize just how badly Pete Davidson fumbled the ball.

If you’re here to pinch pennies, do yourself a favor and check out her public IG page.

Her 432k loyal followers already beat you to the punch, but there’s always room for one more peeping tom. She delivers professional angles and skin-tight outfits that leave nothing to chance.

When you decide you want to see Daisy naked, she’s more than happy to oblige. For the right price, she produces heaps of kink-friendly content. There’s almost nothing she won’t try at least once; and she enjoys getting down-and-dirty for the camera.

She’s a professional sexter, but she prefers to express her physicality in its purest form. Even still; she loves talking dirty over video chat. If you’re looking for a camgirl that never says no, Daisy delivers the ultimate in post-nut-satisfaction.

Visit Her Instagram

Best Only Fans Runner-Ups With Cheap Subscriptions

As if the free accounts above weren’t enough, here are more OnlyFans girls from our favorite top 50 OnlyFans, you know, just to seal the deal:

1. Sam Slayres – Popular OnlyFans Model

If Sam Slayers moved in next door; you’d probably be too scared to get her number. Although she might look innocent and doe-eyed, peeling away at her onion reveals a new side to this sugar-sweet college girl.

Her OnlyFans page boasts 1,036 NSFW photos and 20 exclusive videos that show Sam in her full glory; and her penchant for naughty satisfaction has earned her 398k likes on the platform.

You can squeeze 31 days of pleasure from Sam for just $3 upfront, but her barely-SFW Instagram account gives you a preview of the goods. 380k followers are already drooling over her revealing outfits and come-hither gaze.

Visit Her Instagram

2. Kacy Black – Only Fans Only With Adult Content

Kacy Black is known for producing uninhibited, XXX-rated content worthy of an AVN nomination. She’s already accrued 536k likes on OnlyFans from her loyal fanbase; and new subscribers can gaze upon 1,340 explicit media posts for just $3/month.

We scrolled through countless orgies, solo play clips, and lesbian videos with a vibe you won’t find anywhere else. Generous tippers can flash their anaconda and receive sexy ratings from Kacy herself, and she handles personalized messages like a professional.

If you’re after an under-the-table peek at her package, check out her IG page.

We ask – does it get any better than that?

Visit Her Instagram

3. Zayla – Dominates the “Stepmommy” Niche

Zayla isn’t the hero we deserve, but she’s the kinky stepmom we need. If you’re into mature MILFs that switch between commanding and submissive auras on-demand, she’s your gal. As she’ll admit, making you horny and making you smile are her two favorite things to do.

With 1,467 risque photos and 110 tantalizing clips on-tap for $3/month, it’s nearly impossible not to beam with satisfaction. Her content ranges from revealing outfit snaps to solo XXX videos and full-length scenes that leave nothing to the imagination.

She’s earned 477k likes on OnlyFans, and you can cop a free, virtual feel on her barely-SFW Instagram page.

Visit Her Instagram

4. Maria Moobs – Fresh, Sassy OnlyFans Girl

Maria Moobs embodies the perfect trifecta – she’s fresh-on-the-scene with exotic curves and a sassy attitude to match. She can be a bit rough around the edges, but generous tippers can warm her heart and light the fire in her panties.

We’re not sure exactly how long ago she turned 18, but she came prepared to make waves on OnlyFans. Her page lists 1,125 erotic photos and 38 solo videos that bare all for the camera, and she’s amassed 283k likes from her satisfied subscribers.

You can view her raunchiest content for $3 upfront, but paying her $5 monthly subscription is nothing short of a bargain.

Visit Her Instagram

5. Natalie Monroe – Super Active OnlyFans Content Creator

Natalie Monroe is sexy, active, and interactive with her fans. She’s gained quite the reputation for her frequent uploads, eagerness to sext with generous tippers, and willingness to hop on a video call while you massage your pleasure stick.

She’s earned 4 million OnlyFans likes across 282 high-quality photos and 75 full-length videos. That said, her work ethic is unmatched. She uploads 20 new posts every day, and she produces fetish-friendly content in between live shows that turn up the waterworks.

You can watch Natalie in the nude for $4.90 upfront; and budget-conscious users can see her most valuable attributes for free on Twitter.

Visit Her Twitter

6. Mia Khalifa – Legacy Only Fans Girl With Exclusive Videos

Mia Khalifa took an extended hiatus from everybody’s favorite porn site, but she’s back and better than ever on OnlyFans. Taking her online presence into consideration, we’re surprised that her glasses aren’t permanently stained.

Although she doesn’t post anymore XXX-rated content, you can find never-before-seen photos and videos that showcase Mia’s revealing sensuality. She’s earned 315k likes on OnlyFans, and she’s got 639 HD media posts that are guaranteed to tent your khakis.

You can get a free trial for 7 days, but her regular subscription price is $12/month. Her sweet IG page lets subscribers catch a glimpse at this Lebanese bombshell before pulling the trigger.

Visit Her Instagram

7. Paige Steele – Naughty yet Reasonable OnlyFans

Paige Steele’s the kinky submissive of your dreams. She stops at nothing to follow orders, and she loves being told exactly what to do.

Her OnlyFans page is packed with 870 photos and 362 longer videos that include boiling-hot threesomes, XXX-rated solo content, backdoor clips, water sports, and girl-on-girl action.

Although her subscription price is listed at $25 per month, she’s earned 52k likes for her kinky personality and willingness to interact with her fans. She offers body ratings, personalized sexts, and candid nudes alongside a 50% discount on her custom videos.

Just in case you were wondering, her NSFW Twitter has all the exclusive stuff.

Visit Her Twitter

8. Lena Paul – Gorgeous Redhead Only Fans Model

We can’t say enough about Lena Paul.

In tandem with her MILF-worthy curves and stand-out features, her cherry-red hair is just begging to get yanked around in the bedroom.

Her trusted crew of lovers are eager to meet her demands and Lena’s OnlyFans page lets viewers watch her get stuffed like a turkey. 940 NSFW photos and 164 X-rated videos allude to her adult film background, and you can get a free trial for 30 days!

Even still, her regular subscription price is just $5/month.

You won’t find more girl-on-girl action or solo XXX content for the price of an espresso.

Visit Her Instagram

9. Jewelz Blu – Alternative OnlyFans Account

Jewelz Blu’s been working overtime to deliver alternative entertainment for her fans. This blue-haired goth goddess delves into sexy cosplay getups, co-ed action, and switchy scenes that put you (or her) in charge.

She’s earned 404k likes on OnlyFans for her dirty-minded fantasies, which are adequately showcased across 2,290 tantalizing pictures and 898 XXX-rated video clips. Priced at just $3.50, you can gaze upon Jewelz’ revealing outfits and compromising angles for 31 days.

Generous tippers receive the most love during her livestreams, and her kink-friendly attitude shines through her custom content. When you subscribe today, you’ll get 50% off your first custom request.

Visit Her Twitter

10. Adriana Chechik – Award Winner With High Production Value

Adriana Chechik got her roots as a stripper in Florida; and you could say she was destined for greatness from the beginning. Currently, she holds 2 AVN awards for her creative imagination, flawless body, and undying passion for the adult film industry.

Her OnlyFans page offers 1,529 NSFW photos and 252 raunchy video clips that showcase her versatility as an adult performer. Courtesy of her high production quality, open mind, and interactive personality, she’s earned 1.26 million likes and counting on the platform.

You can subscribe to her OnlyFans account for just $5/month. She loves receiving messages, sending personalized sexts, and creating videos for her biggest fans.

Visit Her Twitter

11. Mariana Martix – Adventurous OnlyFans Model

After we watched Mariana skydive naked, we knew she was down for anything.

This Colombian model is uniquely sexy and adventurous, stopping at nothing to differentiate herself from mediocre competitors.

Over the last year, we’ve seen her popularity skyrocket. Her OnlyFans account lists 1,043 revealing photos and 344 XXX-rated clips, and you can take a peek for $6.99. Continuing subscriptions will cost you $10/month, but you’ll enjoy a wide range of priceless content.

She frequently uploads solo content, group play scenes, and public expeditions that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. It’s no wonder she’s earned 20k likes in short order.

Visit Her Twitter

Free Only Fans Content Creators – FAQs

What Type of Content is Offered on OnlyFans?

The type of content offered on OnlyFans is wide ranging. You can find a healthy mixture of SFW and NSFW content from various OnlyFans creators.

Although OnlyFans launched in 2016 with the express goal of “cutting out the middleman” for adult film creators, they’ve expanded their horizons to include general content with much success.

While our best OnlyFans girls cater towards your naughtiest desires, other creators have built a loyal fan base while creating personalized extensions of their social media pages. You can get a peek into the daily lives of social media influencers, comedians, and business owners.

How Do I Find My Favorite OnlyFans Account?

Finding your favorite OnlyFans account will take a little knowhow.

Choosing among millions of active OnlyFans accounts to find your absolute favorite can feel like finding the needle in a haystack. Due to privacy concerns, you can’t search for specific accounts on OnlyFans’ native website.

However, there is a workaround available.

Third-party search engines like FanPleaser, OnlyFinder or Hubite let you search using specific keywords, filter by kink-friendliness, or sort accounts by content volume and price per month.

Alternatively, you can find your favorite OnlyFans girls on Pornhub, Twitter, Instagram, or Linktree. A quick Google search will get you started in the right direction!

What Do People Do With OnlyFans?

People use OnlyFans to sell nude photos and videos while cutting out the middleman. When they originated in 2016, they promised to give sex workers a heightened degree of control over their prices, limits, and workload.

In fact, many OnlyFans models offer exclusive content that can be purchased separately. If you have a request or fantasy you’d like to fulfill, the best OnlyFans girls are happy to oblige.

However, OnlyFans isn’t geared exclusively towards NSFW content. Social media influencers, fitness enthusiasts, business owners, and celebrities use OnlyFans to provide viewers with a personal glimpse into their daily lives.

Is It Illegal to Have OnlyFans?

No, it’s not illegal to have OnlyFans.

However, there are some stipulations you must be aware of. All users must be 18+ years of age before signing up for OnlyFans, even if they only plan to view and/or promote SFW content.

There are no exceptions to this rule!

OnlyFans is legal in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In Australia and the Middle East, OnlyFans accounts have been thoroughly banned. However, alternatives like Fansly, FriendsOnly, and Patreon offer the same functionality without breaking the law.

How Do I Start An OnlyFans Account?

You can start an Only Fans for free.

First, go to OnlyFans’ official website and click “Sign Up for OnlyFans”. Next, enter your legal name, your preferred email address, and a unique password before clicking “Sign Up” once more. If you’d rather skip that step; you can register your free account with Twitter or Google.

To protect OnlyFans against underaged users, you’ll need to submit a photo of your government ID card. OnlyFans recommends attaching your social media channels to your account, because this speeds up the verification process.

Once you’re logged in, you can set your subscription rate and start posting photos and videos. You’ll have to submit your personal banking information before you can withdraw any of the money you’ve made.

Who Is The Best Free OnlyFans To Follow?

Over the last 6 years, millions of people have taken to OnlyFans to offer personalized content that makes conventional porn look pale by comparison.

If you’re still settling for recycled, 480p videos and scenes that cut off just before the explosive finisher, that’s on you.

If you’re ready to give up the ghost, Haley Brooks is our top recommendation. Her free Only Fans content includes 1,200+ revealing pics and teaser clips that leave nothing to chance. Of course, generous tippers will get showered with X-rated videos and exciting DMs.

Our runner-ups introduce solo XXX content, orgies, live shows, behind-the-scenes photos, and personalized sexts for the price of breakfast and a coffee.

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