Tips for How to Better Yourself


Tips for How to Better Yourself

We've had more time than ever for a little self-reflection, if the outcome was bad, follow these top tips for how to better yourself...

The last couple of years have been a time for reflection for all of us, so much time in isolation had us all questioning if we were being the best version of ourselves prior to the coronavirus lockdowns. Now things are starting to return to normal, it’s time to look inward and contemplate. Want to know how to emerge from this point in time as the best version of you> Follow these simple tips for how to better yourself…

Be Mindful

Take a brief pause during the day to gather yourself, decompress, and appreciate everything that you have. Some people get hung up on all the wrong details in life. But when you are grateful, you’re able to approach things with a more positive and optimistic mindset. Additionally, put your mobile devices down for a period of time. Especially before bedtime. That way, you won’t get distracted with things that could be harmful for your mental health.

Tips for How to Better Yourself: 11 Goals for Self Improvement

Exercise More

Cue the audible groans … This is one you probably hear a lot and pops up in nearly everyone’s New Year’s resolution lists, year after year. But, as it turns out, there are a multitude of great reasons to get your body moving more whatever the time of year. Getting more exercise is great for your body. It can help you lose any extra fat you may be carrying around as well as improve your overall cardiovascular health.

Regular exercise is also likely to help you sleep better and more deeply. This also allows your skin and muscles to repair themselves most effectively. Getting some good exercise is also going to boost your mood and productivity as your body begins to release endorphins. This can increase your energy levels and even help battle things such as depression.

Create A Morning Routine For Yourself

This is a great way to start to get on track with your goals for how to better yourself. The thing about this that people sometimes forget is that they should actually schedule their activities. Starting at the end of the day and moving backwards. A lot of people want to plan it the other way around, and that is part of the reason why most of us do not have a stable morning routine that works. A person needs to figure out the end of their day first because this better guides them towards the things that they actually want to get done, and it gives them the structure and schedule for how to do it.

11 Goals to Improve Your Life

Save More Money

This is a big one. Use your newfound time at home to reach or maintain your financial goals. Whether it’s saving for a specific new toy or trip or just wanting to get your finances in order this year, focusing on saving more money is always a good idea.

Start by creating your budget. It’s important to begin tracking your expenses as soon as possible so that you can ensure that your budget is realistic and attainable. Treat your savings plan like an expense. Include it in your budget to set aside ‘x’ amount of dollars each month. When you have a good month and can put aside more, even better.

You can use tools such as Cleo or Truebill to help you keep track of where your money goes, get heads up on bank fees or potential overdrafts and set saving goals. Many of these financial management tools will also provide an option to help you lower or negotiate bills.

Tips for How to Better Yourself: 11 Goals for Self Improvement

Drink Less Alcohol

This one can be tricky, especially if you enjoy going out to eat with friends or tend to have a nightcap before bed. While alcohol in moderation isn’t a problem, cutting down your consumption can still be a great goal to create for yourself. 
When you drink less, you’ll sleep longer and better. Your skin will likely become healthier and clearer. Lack of alcohol can also improve your mood and your overall health. Not to mention the money you’ll save. If you want to know how to better yourself, then bettering your health must come first.

Defeat The Mid-Day Slumps

It is really hard to get through an entire day without facing a drop in energy levels at some point. Most people experience them at some point during the middle of the day. This may include a decline in their ability to get through the work that they know that they need to do.

Thus, you should try to plan a mid-day activity of some kind for yourself so as to allow for a bounce back. This could be anything from a long walk to playing games that stimulate the mind. It is incredibly important to get past the dragging feeling that others will surely experience if you want to have as productive a day as possible.

11 Goals to Improve Your Life

Cook More Often

Whether it’s being too busy with the kids, working too many hours or simply that you don’t feel comfortable cooking; there’s always a reason why it’s easier to grab something on the way home. It’s certainly tempting, but taking a little bit of time to make yourself (and maybe family) a delicious and healthy meal can really give you a new perspective.

You can make it a fun activity to do with a loved one or just take ten minutes to yourself to create something new. You’ll feel accomplished and healthier if you choose to strive for this goal.

Break Out Your Green Thumb

Consider heading to your local plant nursery and picking up a few new houseplants to add to your home. Plants serve as beautiful pieces of decor within your home. But did you know that they can also help you sleep better?

Plants like aloe vera and bamboo palm will help clear the air of toxins and produce extra oxygen in the room. Studies have shown that plants can also help give you a boost in your mood and productivity. As well as reduce stress. They can give you something to care for and nurture, which is therapeutic to many people. Give plant parenting a try.

Tips for How to Better Yourself: 11 Goals for Self Improvement

Stimulate Your Brain With A TED Talk Or Podcast

A podcast is a great way to learn something new and entertain yourself at the same time. There are literally hundreds of thousands of different podcasts out there to choose from. So, you are sure to find something that matches your interests. In addition to that, you may want to consider watching a TED Talk.

A TED Talk is a lecture of sorts but it is short. In fact, on the TED Talk app, you can designate how much time you have to spend on a talk at the moment and watch only talks that meet your time parameters. This can give you a juicy tidbit about the world that you didn’t know beforehand. You should at least consider it if you like to keep your brain occupied at all times.

Create New Relationships

It’s been a little strange, to say the least. But take this period of time as the moment to meet new people and new friends. One of your goals could be to create and cultivate new relationships. Research has found that people (regardless of their age) without any strong relationships in their life often deal with higher abdominal obesity rates, heightened blood pressure and more inflammation in your body.

By proxy, it can be theorised that people with more real friendships could have stronger immune systems and better heart health. Not to mention, having friends that you can rely on is highly therapeutic and will likely make your life feel fuller and happier. Learn more about your friends, plan dinner dates, make sure you have their birthdays written in your agenda. This year can be your year of friendship. So, how to better yourself? Surround yourself with more people.

11 Goals to Improve Your Life

Crack Open a Good Book

Ever wonder why you see so many successful people with their nose stuck in a book? Perhaps you remember when entrepreneurs like Tai Lopez were flooding YouTube with ads, showing you their book collection. It might sound crazy, but reading can even help you live longer.

A Yale study found that people who read for at least 30 minutes a day lived an average of 23 months longer than your average person who doesn’t regularly read. Reading more often will likely also help boost your creativity, productivity and you’ll certainly never stop learning. That’s what this year should be all about, right?

Ultimately, your primary goals should be centred around you. What do you feel like is currently lacking in your life? Where could you see yourself improving? What do you feel like you’re already doing well with and want to make sure you maintain? Sit down with yourself, perhaps with a journal or just with your thoughts. Take some time to truly consider what goals you want to set for yourself now and beyond.