Things to Do in Quarantine

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Things to Do in Quarantine

With more hours in your day than ever before, how does one stay sane by diverting the boredom of coronavirus lockdown?

Due to the horrific circumstances around the world currently, us creative types are having to adapt and find new ways to satisfy our creative needs. It isn’t easy, and it is certainly a struggle at times. Boredom can set in, can’t it?

Stay sane during lockdown with these things to do

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Many people like to settle down and spend hours watching the endless array of television shows on Netflix and the like, whereas others like to park themselves on the sofa and play video games. There’s only so much television you can watch or games you can play though, isn’t there?

To help keep you sane during the lockdown, we thought we’d go through a number of other things you can do to help pass the time. We’re all in this together, after all …

Learn a language: Doing something productive during these mind-numbingly dull times is certainly worthwhile. Not only will it give you a sense of accomplishment, but it will come in handy too. We will travel again one day. The BBC has a decent site for it. There’s also an abundance of free apps out there, where you can learn the likes of French, German and Spanish.

Watch theatre or performing arts: Sit down on the sofa, crack open a craft beer or pour a glass of wine, and take in the number of different performing arts and theatre productions that are out there. YouTube is a great source when it comes to this sort of thing, as are the various arts channels on our televisions.

Play with your pet: If you have a pet, this is the perfect time to bond further with it. Chill out, cuddle and play with it; they’re probably bored too. Bivvy mentions that 1 in 3 pets will need emergency vet care every year, which is why now that you’ve got all this extra time, you should look into pet insurance plans for your furry friend.

Stay sane during lockdown with these things to do

Photo, Paolo Nicolello.

Start a virtual book club: To help satisfy your creative needs further and keep your imagination intact, reading is perfect. One way to make it an even more enjoyable experience is to get your friends involved by starting a virtual book club. Whether you read the same books or completely different material to your peers, having a regular video call will help you feel connected.

Stay sane during lockdown with these things to do

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Check out the Museum of Modern Art: We all enjoy art in its various different forms. Sadly, with art galleries shut and creative spaces closed too, our art fix is going to have to come from an online source. Luckily, thanks to the Museum of Modern Art, you can see all of their best work with a virtual tour. Feeling artistic? That should come in handy.

Enjoy your garden: Sitting in the peaceful, tranquil environment that is your garden can help inspire and bring peace to you throughout these troubling times, where negative news can easily consume us. If you’re fortunate enough to have outdoor space, relax and get some fresh air and make the most of your time in isolation.

Do some gardening: This ties in with the one above, but while you’re in your garden, should you run out of things to do, why not attempt a bit of gardening? Even buying yourself a window box or getting yourself an indoor plant or two is worthwhile.

Listen to your favourite songs: Music can improve any situation, especially boredom. Have a boogie in your living room to some of your favourite tunes. Spotify is an excellent choice, but if money’s tight, then YouTube is an excellent alternative.

Remember to stay healthy: During these challenging times, it’s easy to fall into bad habits. Remember to establish a lockdown routine, eat and drink properly, and make sure you’re getting a decent amount of sleep.