So You Want To Sell Your Art?

Photo, Feliphe Schiarolli.


So You Want To Sell Your Art?

So you want to start selling your art? Here's a short guide to what you need to consider when turning a hobby into a business...

So you’ve been thinking of selling your artwork, before you quit your job and dive right in there are a few steps you should take first before cutting all other income ties. Start small, test the market to see if your artwork will sell.

So You Want To Sell Your Art, Here's What You Need To Consider

Photo, Charles Deluvio.

There are plenty of social media platforms you can showcase your work on. If you don’t have social media, then get it, for showcasing artwork, Instagram is most favourable; followed closely by Pinterest. Once you get a following, slowly add a few commissions for sale on your page. The more interest you get, the more commissions you add to your page. You will fair better if you are on more than one social media site, different sites offer different ways of promoting your product and reaching a diverse customer base.

Once you are getting a fair amount of traction, think about selling your artwork through an online market place such as Etsy or Folksy. Having a platform to sell from will make your craft look professional and also help you keep track of sales. When your business becomes more established and full time, look at creating a website to sell from. You’ll need to work out how much you should be selling your artwork for. Materials plus time is the equation you need to get you started, but be sure to match your prices in line with your skill level. Check out what other artists at a similar skill and style are selling their artwork for and work from that.

We know everything we do is online now, but if you are selling art or crafts going old school is a great way to gain more customers, not everyone will see your products online, so we recommend showcasing your art at a gallery or signing up to sell at a craft market. Here, not only can you sell your product directly to the consumer, it is a great way to promote your online presence.

So You Want To Sell Your Art, Here's What You Need To Consider

Photo, Silvia Maidagan.

If you feel like interest is fading, try and have a more personal approach. Tell your story and what drives you to make the art you sell. Sharing videos of what happens in the production line and how your product gets made engages your customer and shows them exactly what they are paying for. Starting a blog is an excellent way to promote yourself and engage a new branch of potential customers, blogging doesn’t have to be challenging, but it is something you will have to keep on top off. If you are only posting a few times a year, followers will lose interest quickly; it’s important to keep website traffic high.

If you become unmotivated, remember the reasons why you started. Bring yourself back to the beginning and regain the passion you started with. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t sell as much as you planned, having it as a sideline or a hobby is just as good achievement.