DOCK for Apple Watch Marble Edition

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DOCK for Apple Watch Marble Edition

Native Union’s marble Apple Watch dock is an ornate accessory to rival the good looks of your timepiece...

Native Union’s DOCK for Apple Watch Marble Edition is as fanciful as it is functional. Made with the finest black and white solid marble, the ornate accessory — compatible with all Apple Watches — is a versatile charging device, engineered without screws and with a magnetic charging cable fed into the dock; meaning no unsightly cabling.

A sophisticated gearing system allows the user to control the angle of their watch whilst it’s on the dock; enabling continued use if necessary and, with a reversible design, you can position the arm to suit your every whim. Thanks to your watch being held in place magnetically, the dock can be used horizontally too: your nifty-looking charging dock just doubled up as your nifty-looking bedside alarm clock.


DOCK for Apple Watch Marble Edition by Native Union
Native Union
DOCK for Apple Watch