20 Instagram Accounts for the Future

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20 Instagram Accounts for the Future

20 Instagram accounts from future-forward contemporary creative minds that you have to follow...

As social media further embeds itself into the daily rituals of contemporary life — and creative talents who have known nothing but the internet continue to explode into view — Instagram has become a breeding ground for future-forward creatives who don’t understand the concept of boundaries, of limitations. Instagram growth service is providing extra opportunities for the users to enhance their online presence. The internet has charged creatives with the sense that the only limitations that truly exist are those within your mind. And the creative mind is a swirling mindfuck of pure artistic expression.

Celebrating the experimentalism of youth; the visionaries whose essence inspires — these Instagram accounts … of artists, and of photographers, activists, models, and provocateurs … are our top 20 contemporary creative minds, meddling with the medium, failing to comprehend inhibition. These are 20 Instagram accounts for the future that we are living.

Digital c-print (censored) 2015

A photo posted by Leah Schrager (@leahschrager) on


A photo posted by Remember The Glaciers (@glacier996girl) on

🐦 🍑 #35mm shot on @fujifilm_uk, published last winter in @vanidad Magazine

A photo posted by Kamila K Stanley (@kamilakstanley) on

My new @dazed Beauty story. ( 📷 @danielsannwald, concept by me and @joshwilkz )

A photo posted by Isamaya Ffrench (@isamayaffrench) on

naoe Hong Kong

A photo posted by @boychild on


A photo posted by @agvstin on

Go 💫 official NARCISSISTERS this weekend 💎🐙😈💅🏽👅🔥🍉🍭🍬 #secretLocations

A photo posted by Go!PushPop Collective (@gopushpops) on

1k Ways to Die 2k15 @adultswim

A video posted by audia 〽️8 (@claudiamate) on

One last image from my series of wolfie as me 🍊💕 up on @hauntmagazine

A photo posted by Laurence Philomene (@laurencephilomene) on

normal day at the office

A photo posted by Petra Collins (@petrafcollins) on

Helga in the desert, #Berlin, 2012. Outtake from @purplefashionmagazine editorial, styled by @erikackurihara. #DSTM #reinvollenga #ysl

A photo posted by maxime ballesteros (@maximeballesteros) on

A photo posted by @tropixav3000 on

#gorsad #gorsadkiev #gorsadkyiv @gorsadkyiv @logsawmeat #soon

A photo posted by Gorsad (@gorsadkyiv) on

A photo posted by Kate Durbin (@kateannedurbin) on

When Fernanda was painted pink. @warukatta

A photo posted by Byron Spencer (@spencernotspencer) on

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