Ceviche Old Street Gallery, London

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Ceviche Old Street Gallery, London

Peruvian entrepreneur Martin Morales combines his passions for the cooking and art of his homeland...

In recent years, London has welcomed a number of great Peruvian restaurants, from the Michelin-starred LIMA to the more relaxed venues Ceviche and Andina — both the creations of London-based Peruvian entrepreneur Martin Morales.

Jorge Flores

Jorge Flores (Cusco, 1980)
Vallejo, 2012
Gicleé print Edition A/P (Edition of 6)
80 x 60 cm

In addition to overseeing a growing hospitality empire, Martin is a keen art collector, and he’s combining these two great passions with the opening of Ceviche Old Street Gallery.

The restaurant and exhibition space arrives at a time when interest in Latin American contemporary art is at an all-time high. Peru is one of the countries generating the most buzz, and the inaugural collection — appropriately named BIRTH — includes works by more than 50 of Peru’s leading artists.

Curated with the expertise of Claudia Trosso, the collection features a wide range of styles and themes reflecting the diverse culture of the country; Jorge Flores derisive take on an iconic photo of Peru’s greatest poet shares the space with fine art photographers Walter H. Wust and Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann and the flamboyant graphical style of Ruta Mare. All works are for sale and range from £250 to £9,000.

You’ll find the Soho Ceviche’s favourites available here in a dining room, designed by Fabled Studio, that glories in its Victorian architectural heritage.


Ceviche Old Street Gallery
Ruta Mare

Ruta Mare
Peru Boom, 2015
Spray on canvas
60 x 70 cm

Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann

Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann (Lima, 1983)
Sarnai, 2008
Inkjet Print Edition A/P
41 x 52.5 cm

Ceviche Old Street Gallery
Nani Cardenas

Nani Cardenas (Lima, 1969)
Maps/Portraits, 2015
Enamelled copper drawings in acrylic sheet
55 x 30 cm

Ruta Mare

Ruta Mare
The Chicho Star, 2014*
Fluorescent oil on canvas
129.5 x 110 cm

Ceviche Old Street Gallery
Patrick Tschudi

Patrick Tschudi (Lima, 1973)
Master Plan, 2011
Lambda print under acrylic glass
Edition 3/3
70 x 91 cm

Walter H. Wust

Walter H. Wust (Lima, 1967)
Viajando con la historia, 2013
Photography Edition 2/2
54 x 61 cm

Ceviche Old Street Gallery