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Hipster Barbie

Barbie goes hipster, channelling the white-washed Americana of Kinfolk in new Instagram account...

“Kinfolk magazine: making white people feel artistic since 2011” reads the tagline on hipster-shaming Tumblr The Kinspiracy.

Hipster Barbie

“Cuz holding your ice cream up to a wall turns it into art 🎨🍦”

Fusing four images each pulled from the same Instagram account, that look very much like the four images pulled from the previous account, The Kinspiracy makes a mockery of what has become an overbearingly elitist sect within the wider cult of The Hipster. The white-washed (in every sense), style over substance, rich-kid-Americana bubble of the Portland-based magazine is bursting; the Kinfolk backlash has begun in earnest. Enter: Barbie.

You imagine the Mattel icon traipsing around Beverly Hills munching cupcakes and quaffing Cristal out of those little bottles with a straw in, don’t you? But the great white American, faux-outdoor lifestyle has become so ubiquitous that she’s dumped Ken, got herself a rucksack (a heritage American brand, of course) and a beanie, choosing to spend her time jetting around rugged landscapes with a latte in tow. Socality Barbie carts artisanal coffee paraphernalia up to the top of mountains; drapes herself in Old Glory and drops smoke bombs in pine tree forests … Instagramming away as she goes.

Our Babs has over 600,000 followers already; whoever’s been stitching together tiny Portlandia-inspired threads and fashioning a microscopic DSLR is on to a winner.


Via: Wired