LOL Is Dead 😂


LOL Is Dead 😂

New data shows that LOLing is seriously out of favour. Any chance you can take your selfie sticks with you?...

LOL Is Dead

First off it was something I’d seen on newsgroups (ask your dad) for literally decades, then it was something that kids started doing — obsessively — on text messages, before it filtered onto the newly born social networks, soon it was ev-e-ry-where and then your mum started using it; and you even heard it said out aloud, on the street. Now it’s dead. ROFLMFAO.

According to Vanity Fair, the boffins at Facebook have just released data that serves as a death knell for LOL. Laughing out loud has been replaced by emojis. But you knew that, right? Turns out that, of the 1.9% that actually still use LOL on Facebook, the highest concentration are in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Alaska. And we know how renowned those States are for future-forward internet speak. 33.7% opted for an emoji in response to a Facebook funny (😲), whilst a good old ‘haha’ was preferred by 51.4%.

So long LOL. Nice knowing you 💀🔫…