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Barcelona restaurant OhBo brings together a harmonious mix of industrial and organic...

Despite the sign above the door, no one is going to be wandering into OhBo confusedly looking for woodwind instruments. That’s because firstly, no one else is quite as stupid as all that, and secondly, one can clearly see what’s going on inside through the floor-to-ceiling glass that forms this Barcelona eatery’s façade.

Architecture practice Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados have created a remarkably industrial venue for an organic café (the concrete effect wallpaper, for example), which just goes to show that there is more than one way to skin the proverbial cat. The outside view, on the other hand, does celebrate the bounty of nature as the wide avenue in San Gervasi has space for a garden at the front. There may not be any woodwind here but there is plenty of oak — tables, chairs and flooring — as well as a whole lot of leather on the Chesterfield that stretches a full 8 metres. Another important feature at OhBo Barcelona is the counter-side iron grid holding a collection of reclaimed glass in green, blue and grey colours. This San Gervasi premises is to be the first of a new-look franchise, and the glass grid design is set to appear again at subsequent OhBo venues.


OhBo Barcelona OhBo Barcelona OhBo Barcelona OhBo Barcelona OhBo Barcelona OhBo Barcelona

Photography, Alejo Bagué