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Burger & Bun

Michelin-starred Henrik Yde turns his talents to the humble burger in Copenhagen...

Rather surprisingly (to me at least), Denmark can’t get enough of burgers. I somehow imagined the Danish were above that sort of thing, but gourmet burger restaurants have popped up all over Copenhagen in the last few years. Burger & Bun faces some stiff competition then, but the restaurant has got something to set it apart from the others, and that’s a Michelin-starred chef. Henrik Yde earned his stripes at the city’s Kiin Kiin Thai restaurant, and his burger menu is a globetrotting tour of international influences, from the Australian Burger’s addition of fried egg and pickled beetroot to the Japanese Burger which uses a chicken fillet with a soy, ginger and sesame sauce. A quintessential Danish burger, as imagined by Yde, is composed of roasted pork with pickled cucumber and red cabbage. So now you know!

The operation is 100% organic and free-range, with everything down to the buns made fresh and mainly in-house. Another aspect that sets Burger & Bun apart from the chain restaurants are its surroundings. The retro diner look has been shunned in favour of a comfortable interior in a contemporary style – though influenced by Danish design of the ’60s – with the addition of great graphics from Emma Sivell.

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