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Trash or Treasure?

Art project, finding new purpose for the ever-accumulating detritus of life, needs your help...

Kipple is everywhere. Chances are you’ve already seen some today. It’s always growing, reproducing, and pretty soon it’s going to take over. It can not be killed. There is no stopping kipple.

Sci-fi fans – specifically fans of Philip K Dick – will now be sagely nodding in agreement, while the rest will quite understandably be asking themselves “what the hell is kipple?” Kipple, according to Dick in his iconic story Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is the ubiquitous detritus of life that builds up in our homes – the empty wrappers, the junk mail that keeps landing on the mat, the old bits of things that have fallen off – and despite our best efforts to keep the place tidy, kipple continues to proliferate insidiously, especially at night. Damn you, kipple!

But don’t despair, as an art project is offering to take the kipple off your hands and use the stuff for a London Design Festival installation. Photographer Dan Tobin Smith is the man with big plans for your kipple, with the one stipulation that it just needs to have an overall colour so it fits in with other stuff of its ilk. The installation, The First Law of Kipple, at the artist’s studio will cover 200 m2 with a carpet of chromatically-arranged kipple, open to visitors throughout the festival. Get involved through the Call for Kipple website, or contact Dan and share your kipple on Twitter.


Dan Tobin Smith — Kipple Dan Tobin Smith — Kipple Dan Tobin Smith — Kipple Dan Tobin Smith — Kipple Dan Tobin Smith — Kipple