Roderick Vos — Bucketlights

Photography, Rene van der Hulst

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Flower Power

Herbage from the heavens with Dutch designers' plant life...

It’s a week since we published Roderick and Claire Vos’ decadent Moodworks showroom – the most common response we received from those who saw the pictures? “Those lights…” Yep, those lights. Dominating the grungey side of their two-faced design space, the designers’ Bucketlights are real show-stopper material. Laser-cut aluminium lamps, powder-coated in green with up and down LED lights – there’s even electrical sockets attached, meaning your desktop equipment can be powered from the skies, no more tangled mess under the desk.

Technicalities aside, the Design Academy Eindhoven graduates’ flora innovation brings a welcome slice of the outdoors in. At the leading edge of a desirable trend to bring more green to our office spaces, Bucketlights are an instant happy pill for nature-deprived creatives. Plant-life-style? We’re sold.


Roderick Vos — Bucketlights Roderick Vos — Bucketlights Roderick Vos — Bucketlights Roderick Vos — Bucketlights