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The caffeinated clothes store with an independent spirit...

Need some cool clobber in Kreuzberg? Independent clothes store Voo is the place for you, right in the middle of the Berlin arts district and, geographically and spiritually, a mile away from the usual high street fashion boutiques. Voo is home to Companion Coffee, whose simple pleasures whetted our appetite not long ago, and now we’re all hyped up on caffeine, it’s time to sneak some new threads onto the company credit card.

There’s scope to do as much or as little damage to the plastic as the credit limit allows here, as Voo buyer Herbert Hofmann has assembled a diverse range of brands to tickle the fancy. The Voo premises was formerly a locksmith, and no expense has been spent making the place look pretty after its industrial occupant moved out. The rough and ready, semi-abandoned aesthetic is a good look, and we especially like the bits of architectural salvage that has been recycled here and there – just look at that brilliant decorative slab enticing the customer towards the cash register. Sneaky move!


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