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Nice Day

Auckland coffee shop maximises its modest dimensions...

Well it shouldn’t take long to give you the tour of Nice Day in Auckland, New Zealand, being as the place is only seven square metres – but the compact layout of this hybrid between mini-café and hole-in-the-wall is all part of the charm. Although it’s not quite one-in-one-out, if any sort of queue builds up you’ll be hoping the weather’s nice outside while you wait. Still, there’s a nice little bay window to press your nose against and decide which pastry to have in the meantime.

Nice Day is a collaboration between two agencies – interiors firm Material Creative and engineering collective Post Creative – and the team has gone for a Melbourne meets New York look. As with New York and many other places where space is at a premium, things tend to go upwards, and some extra volume has been created by putting in a very high ceiling; it’s been well-used to mount an attractive bespoke brass light feature. One brick wall has been left bare while the others are completely covered in a black honeycomb, and the counter is tiled in black too (very slimming). The price list on the back wall kind of encapsulates the whole ethos of the place – simple but stylish.


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