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Budapest creative hangout Brody Studio follows in the family footsteps...

Like the wild, bohemian children of a Hungarian aristocrat, Brody House and Brody Studio in Budapest are bridging the gap between old and new world orders by providing creative spaces for contemporary artists within vintage surrounds. When Brody House was born into Budapest in 2009, the art-centric hotel and events venue made an immediate impact with its concept and aesthetic, and follow-up Brody Studios shares all of its older sibling’s good looks and creative interests.

Although the two places share a common thread of DNA, Studios is not a House clone. There’s no accommodation at Brody Studios, but what it lacks in that respect it makes up for in myriad other ways; this is an arts club, studios, bar and events space and does it all under the one elegantly wasted roof. The signature rough-luxe walls dappled with remnants of past lives are the backdrop to a collection of contemporary art from an international selection of rising stars who also use the place to create as well as exhibit. Upcycling is a core belief of the Brody group, as shown by the 19th Century window frames that have become the bar counter and light fittings. Renovation has its place too, and there is some flooring here you’re almost ashamed to tread on. Brody Studios isn’t finished yet either – music studios are being built to house Brody Sounds. Impressive stuff, now if they could just have sorted out the HDR effect on these images…


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