Mr Fogg’s

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Mr Fogg’s

New London bar imagines the drawing room of Jules Verne adventurer...

Dust off your topper, grab your silver handled cane and accompany us as we perambulate to the home of Mr Phileas Fogg, Jules Verne’s gentleman adventurer and hero of Around the World in 80 Days, as imagined by London hospitality wizards Inception Group.

You won’t find any vulgar Dog and Duck style signs advertising the presence of Mr Fogg’s, a discreet bar down an alley off Berkeley Square, just a couple of Victorian lanterns and a plaque. Cough gently and Passepartout the valet will open up and collect your cloaks before you enter the drawing room. As befits the abode of such a well travelled man, the bar interior is rammed with mementos, curios and all manner of Victoriana from the four corners of the Empire, as well as plenty of clocks to ensure you don’t miss the last locomotive home. The sheer amount of stuff shoehorned into Mr Fogg’s makes it more fun than a gentleman’s club facsimile, where one’s eye may wander endlessly and never get bored. As the starting or finishing point for an evening’s adventure, Mr Fogg’s is a certain winner.

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