Floor to ceiling creativity at 'risky' Warsaw clothing store...

What do you do when, as a design studio bursting with ideas, you are limited to an 80sqm space in which to create your latest project? The answer is stick half your stuff to the ceiling, of course. Well, up was the direction smallna decided to go in when putting together Risk, a clothing shop in Warsaw, Poland. Its hybrid of interior design and vintage object installation took advantage of all the unused overhead real estate to introduce a selection of interesting thingummyjigs.

The colour scheme of the store, a pale, neutral one of greys and blues, mirrors that of the brand’s clothes, starting with the sky wall mural by Polish artist Dariusz Fiet, over which smallna put its pipe logo, and more pipes are used throughout as clothes displays. The studio also looked to Risk’s clothing materials – the signature fabric is reused in the inflatable sofa clinging to the ceiling. There’s a dedicated room just for stuff from the 1930s to the 80s, plus it can be used for a bit of office work and a booth for the odd DJ when the owners decide to have a party in the shop. Off the wall…

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