Our Legacy


Our Legacy

Swedish fashion store putting the effort into effortlessly stylish...

Another day, another ‘trendy’ shop interior with stripped back, bare-bones aesthetic – sure, it’s a well-worn trend, and in many cases is a little like the bubblegum that’s lost its flavour; you’re just waiting for the opportune moment to spit it out. Howbeit, chew a little harder and you’re sure to find a little sour apple flavouring in their somewhere. Swedish fashion brand Our Legacy have plenty of artificial flavouring (okay, let’s drop the metaphor now) on show at their latest outpost in Gothenburg, thanks to Stockholm-based architects Arrhov Frick.

Haute couture is all about obsessing over the finest detail, and it’s those details that make this space – whether Johan Arrhov and Henry Frick had planned them or not. Just look at that wall below, a fine artist would have spent months creating such depth and emotion… there must’ve been some serious high fives going around when that bit of paint was stripped. But what of those elements that could be controlled? Exquisite Swedish chic, naturally. Muted hues, refined furnishings, minimalism without ever being overly stark; as any good honest fashion designer will tell you, it takes an awful lot of work to make things look effortlessly stylish. Arrhov and Frick must’ve been very busy indeed.

Our Legacy, Gothenburg Our Legacy, Gothenburg Our Legacy, Gothenburg Our Legacy, Gothenburg Our Legacy, Gothenburg

Photography, Mikael Olsson