The Blind Bar

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The Blind Bar

High-end Paris hotel bar The Blind is class in a stylish glass...

When we reviewed the Hotel La Maison, Paris, we were struck by its understated, simple style, so we’re not surprised to find the venue’s newly-opened bar, The Blind Bar, showing much of the same characteristics – albeit presented in a much different way.

While the parent hotel is virginal white and undemanding – The Blind Bar, by designer Philippe Di Méo, is a darker and dare we say more interesting creature. This interior inspired by the Cigar Club’s smoking room has an exclusivity about it. Dark wood, dark seating, dark tables and bar, all combine to create something of an air of mystery. There’s also an flavour of the unknown around one of the bar’s central premises; guests are challenged to identify every ingredient in the sophisticated cocktails devised by head barman Nader Chabaane and award-winning mixer Sandrine Houdré-Grégoire.

The Blind Bar is bit like an high-end wristwatch: it is definitely classy, pretends to be discreet about it but the wearer shoots his cuffs just often enough to make sure you know it’s there, and that it’s expensively attractive. The perfect place to show off a little while pretending not to care. How very French.

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