11 Mirrors


11 Mirrors

Shining example of good design, on reflection...

To many people a mirror is just the bearer of bad news in the morning. On its own, bearable enough, but stick a load of the reflectors together and the bad news gets a lot worse – just ask Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon or Scaramanga in The Man With the Golden Gun, it doesn’t end well for someone. Happily playing with mirrors can be a good thing if done well, and here’s a perfect example in Kiev, Ukraine.

The 11 Mirrors of the venue’s name comes not from a fairground amusement installation designed to warp the guests’ waistlines, but from a collection of little shiny pools of liquid-like metal on the wall of the hotel, which themselves reflect the 11 storeys of the city’s first design hotel, appropriately enough approved by the Design Hotels group.

Anatoliy Kirik and the Fomichev Brothers Creative Studio were among those to play around with shiny surfaces, but 11 Mirrors is more than a one-trick pony. Big windows in the modern and plush guest rooms stylishly capitalise on the outside architecture, and even the corridors have got plenty going on visually.

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