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Gail’s Kitchen

Bakery kitchen is a rising star...

It’s always one in the eye for the carnivores when a largely vegetarian restaurant manages to appeal even during the cold dark winter months, and while the Gail’s Kitchen menu is low on meat, the place still gives off a warm and hearty atmosphere.

A spin-off from Gail’s Artisan Bakery, which has a baker’s dozen of upmarket outlets across London, Gail’s Kitchen on the Tottenham Court Road takes much of its warmth from the bread oven which turns out the baked goods which underpin the bistro dishes on offer. Add to that some modern but familiar farmhouse touches in the décor and you have a recipe for success – even the curmudgeonly food critic Jay Rayner had good things to say about the place.

On the design front, while there are a few rough edges to be seen, mostly on the wooden tables, this is no country cottage cliché. Wall decorations are abstract, the lighting modern, and the seating even more so, with the overall white scheme creating a freshness matched only by the batches and barms liberally displayed around the place. Get ’em while they’re hot…

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