Bullish boldness to street art infused shoe emporium...

W.T.F. asks a cycloptical hairball in one of local artist GG’s murals at the DelToro fashion boutique in Miami, and he may well ask. Actually, it’s more of a statement than a question, and there are plenty more statements being made at this bold, in-your-face establishment which has enlisted two other home-grown arty types, Evocah and Hoxxoh, to decorate three walls of the store under the creative direction of DelToro’s Matthew Chevallard.

Shoes and latterly accessories designed for both men and women are what DelToro is all about. Having originally started out as a customised velvet slipper manufacturer (allow me a small “WTF?” here if you don’t mind) this Wynwood Building outlet is the firm’s first foray into store running since the brand’s inception in 2005.

The hand-painted murals reflect the philosophy of Del Toro, whose products are all hand made on Italy’s Adriatic coast before being whisked back to the Hispanic shores of Miami for stylish display in clear perspex constructions. Viva Del Toro!

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