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Glimpse of retail's stylish future...

Melding businesses together under one stylish roof is a great opportunity for really creative design – not to mention a great way to prise more money out of the customers. At PACT, Singapore, a trio of very different firms have joined hands in an environment created by a Japanese studio, ironically named Isolation Unit, and their designer Teruhiro Yanagihara.

At PACT on Orchard Road, you can do a bit of shopping, have a bite or a drink and get your hair done at K.I.N, Kilo and LIM respectively. All three companies already have flagship stores in Singapore; these new venues are something of a design-consumer experiment, and we’re all for a bit of research and development when it looks this good.

The overall flavour is low-key, with a grey patchwork floor and featureless concrete featuring heavily, while the products and services provide the main standout visuals. Notable exceptions are the lovely half-hidden wall mural at Kilo, and the raised greenhouse with its hanging baskets that lend both colour and a sense of oxygen in a space that might otherwise be oppressively industrial. The future might be grey, but in this case, it’s in a good way…

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Photography, Choo