We Need a Hero


We Need a Hero

Next level grooming makes for Singapore super men...

Tina Turner may have thought otherwise, but what does she know? The folks in Singapore have shouted “We Need a Hero!”, and Spa Esprit Group has heeded the call, opening a grooming salon dedicated to turning mere men into Supermen.

OK, so We Need a Hero is not claiming to bestow any actual superpowers on its clients, but if you’re more Bruce Forsythe than Bruce Banner, this is the place to come for any number of head-to-toe treatments that will have you knocking the leading lady (or man) off their feet in the first act. Short of a fortunate genetic mutation or experimental human vivisection, that’s about as super as most mere mortals can hope for, and a well-manicured set of nails will probably go over better at a party than turning green and destroying the place anyway.

Walking in, a bit of glitz at the counter is tempered by the gruffness of bare concrete above, while the cuts, shaves and waxes take place in a Midwest cowboy salon kind of space, where the stripes come with stars and the razors are as straight as the shootin’. The perfect pre-party power boost.

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