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Mrs Sippy

Soak up the Bay's rays with a sunny little concoction...

Lots to like about this cocktail bar and restaurant in Sydney, Australia. Like the punchy décor. Like the philosophy behind the place (which seems to be a refined and upmarket venue for a sun’s-out, any-excuse, any-time-of-day session). We even lapped up the name, but then we’re a sucker for a good pun.

Let’s get back to that interior, dominated by the multi-coloured triangular geometry that gives Mrs Sippy not only a bright angle but a sharp energy. It’s effect is not overpowering, however, thanks to some weathered wood and great big salvaged light fittings hanging from the exposed beams. The dining area is rather more industrially muted, as evidenced by the exposed brick and riveted steel tabletops. Back at the bar, where the mixology magic happens, colour is on the menu once more, but for those revellers who can’t (be bothered to) make it inside from the courtyard, there’s a refreshment trailer within arm’s length.

We’ll bet two-to-one that Double Bay partiers will be heavily refreshed by this breezy little bar.

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