Exquisite Cups, Shlos

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Exquisite Cups, Shlos

Twisted fun with mix-and-match ceramics...

Somewhere between the vivisection of Well’s Dr. Moreau and the grave-robbing reanimation of Shelley’s Frankenstein, Exquisite Corpse is a surrealist parlour game in which an unlikely creature is created by combining three wholly unsuitable body sections. Those Victorians eh – who needs a PS3?

Inspired by the game, Chloe Lee Carson’s Shlos brand has released Exquisite Cups, sets of three ceramic cups displaying body parts that can be stacked in various ways to create the same effect as the game. There are three sets you can collect, with the themes Folk, Wild and City, all very attractively illustrated, and if I were better at maths I’d be able to tell you how many different creatures you could create if you had all three sets – certainly enough for a conversation piece anyway. Twisted, but in a good way.

Exquisite Cups, ShlosExquisite Cups, ShlosExquisite Cups, ShlosExquisite Cups, ShlosExquisite Cups, Shlos