smooth, retro hair studio has the cutting edge...

For me going to the barber is on a par with going to the dentist. Strange people messing with your head. That’s why I cut my own hair, and not because I’m a scrooge like some people would have you believe. This next place is an old-fashioned take on the barbershop with a modern look. Still wouldn’t get me in there mind you. Cut-throat razors in Amsterdam. What could go wrong?

Bluntly called Barber (or should that be sharply?), this salon in Amsterdam has gone back in time to the days when a gentleman was far more likely to visit his local barber for a facial trim rather than a short back and sides. Barber has been designed with a lot of white tiles (easy to wipe-clean) and features the rather lovely exposed copper wiring that we last saw in Istanbul.

There are six different styles of shave on the menu, from The Connery to The Obi Wan, and joking aside, a real shave is perfectly safe in these skilled hands, and a treat for the face. Another great excuse to visit Amsterdam.

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