Shumis Pizza

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Shumis Pizza

eclectic range of aesthetics at stylish pizzeria...

Taking Warhol’s ‘tinned food as art’ obsession to the nth degree, Studio Opa‘s design for Israeli pizzeria Shumis has turned entire walls into fascinating works of art. There’s fabulously gaudy neon too, reminding me a little of Tracy Emin’s neon works. Then there’s the oriented strand board, a much underused material that gives the place a nice little ‘rough and ready’ edge. And exposed concrete too, you can never have enough exposed concrete.

Subtle(ish) use of the Italian flag’s colour palette, diner-esque booths, industrial-esque communal tables… it ticks a healthy amount of boxes on the We Heart approval checklist, bashing them together without any of said elements ever awkwardly jarring with one another. And then back to those food tins, if there was tinned tomato sauce that looked that good down my local supermarket, I’d be building bloody great walls out of them myself.

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