Hello Kitty Airways


Hello Kitty Airways

EVA Air's implausibly bonkers jet propelled explosion of cute...

“The concept that inspires the Apple Jet is Hello Kitty Loves Apples. The apple is the symbol for Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is five apples tall and weighs three apples. Her favorite food is her mother’s homemade apple pie. Along the fuselage of this aircraft, a colorful display of red and green apples suggests the teamwork between EVA and Hello Kitty. From take-off to landing, Hello Kitty and her friends carry sweet apples and accompany passengers on a pleasant flight.”

Well that’s gone and broke my batshit-mental-detector. 1.21 gigawatts of monster raving loony party just went cannoning through the little bugger, and now I’m not sure whether I’ve been sucked into a vortex and spewed out into a parallel kawaii universe where Richard Branson is a Harajuku girl and designers like Philippe Starck and Tom Dixon have been replaced by pink bunny rabbits with Game Boy sound effects.

I pull myself together, give myself a quick slap, and have myself a quick stardust shower. With a box of frighteningly processed, kitten’s head shaped food thrust under your nose, backdropped by a pink apron and a beautiful smile, you’ve either entered cutesy-nirvana or a surreal bubbly version of hell. Either way, it’s weird, really weird. But isn’t that a good thing? Shouldn’t we bucking the trend to conform to a global style of Scandinavian minimalism? Taiwan-based EVA Air, with their fabulously saccharine Hello Kitty collaboration, are. They’re waving a signed confession of certifiable insanity in your face, yet all you want to do is give them a hug. And fly on their planes.

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