Martin Creed at Sketch

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Martin Creed at Sketch

Artist's majestically chaotic overhaul of a London icon...

It’s a daring restaurant that invites a Turner Prize winning artist to completely overhaul their dining room. But then this is not your average restaurant. Founded with the vision of truly bringing together a destination for food, art and music – Conduit Street’s über-cool Sketch has long been famed for its provocative approach to the dining experience.

Which brings us to the aforementioned Turner Prize winning artist: famed for winning the 2001 award with Work No. 227: the lights going on and off – one of those ‘controversial’ works that have the Daily Mail crew blathering on about their children being able to do something better – Martin Creed has transformed their Gallery restaurant with an overwhelming series of works.

Martin Creed at Sketch

What, at first glance (and perhaps second, and third), looks like a jamboree of car-boot-crap attacked by Dulux wielding rioters – is in fact two major works by the artist. And, upon closer inspection, there’s a charm and wit to the works that you really begin to warm to. Work No. 1347 consists of 96 different marbles, zigzagging their way around the Gallery floor, a series of large-scale murals on the walls completing the piece.

Whilst the most spectacular is surely the mismatched madness of Work No. 1343, where every table and chair – even each individual piece of cutlery and glassware – within the dining room is unique. Co-founder, and three Michelin-starred chef, Pierre Gagnaire has even knocked up a Creed inspired menu to accompany the installations. As we said, it’d take a brave restaurant to take on this kind of project. Thankfully somebody’s willing to show such an unwavering commitment to art.

The first in a series of artist-conceived interiors, Creed’s handiwork will be on display for just 18 months.

Martin Creed at Sketch Martin Creed at Sketch Martin Creed at Sketch Martin Creed at Sketch Martin Creed at Sketch Martin Creed at Sketch Martin Creed at Sketch