Prada’s 24 h Museum


Prada’s 24 h Museum

Fashion giant's study of modern iconography...

Blink and you missed it. This collaboration between fashion giant Prada, architecture icon Rem Koolhaas’ research studio – AMO, and celebrity obsessed artist Francesco Vezzoli, opened on January 24th and – as the name suggests – was gone by the 25th. Vezzoli’s sculptures – photographs mounted onto foamboard – of classical figures with celebrity faces, lined the main hall of the delightfully shocking pink ‘cage’, whilst elsewhere the “Salon des Refusés” – inspired by museum’s ‘hidden archives’ – shrouded a discreet disco dance floor.

Unsurprisingly the celebs turned out in force, with the likes of Marianne Faithfull and Anna Wintour allegedly throwing shapes to a Kate Moss DJ set – how very A-List, darling. But, forget the glamour, forget the mwah-mwah fashion set, what’s intriguing about Prada’s 24 h Museum is the examination of the concept of iconography and Vezzoli’s satire on celebrity. Will the human race be looking back at Courtney Love or Natalie Portman in a few centuries? Who knows, but we’ll bet our bottom dollar that they’ll still be admiring Koolhaas’ breathtaking spaces…

Prada's 24 h Museum Prada's 24 h Museum Prada's 24 h Museum Prada's 24 h Museum Prada's 24 h Museum Prada's 24 h Museum Prada's 24 h Museum

Images courtesy OMA