Aesop Soho


Aesop Soho

Stylish Aussie brand do it again...

Famed internationally for their sublime stores, and crisp, clinical branding, equally as much as their premium skin, hair and body products; Australian brand Aesop have come up trumps once more, with their latest London space. Where the brand and their collaborators usually take materials, ideas or elements from each of their store’s past lives, decades of dingy fast-food shopfit after dingy fast-food shopfit meant there was nothing of any interest left to work with. Which didn’t stop Parisian studio Ciguë from creating the brand’s most beautiful UK retail space to date.

Comprised almost entirely of enamel shelving, the store is as crisp and clinical as the branding, and there’s a nostalgic ‘laboratory’ feel to it all – that’s so intrinsically linked to their identity. We were down for the recent opening, and I can tell you it looks even better in the flesh than it does on these shots; simple, yet so thoughtfully considered, those delightfully stylish Antipodeans have done it again…

Aesop Soho Aesop Soho Aesop Soho Aesop Soho Aesop Soho Aesop Soho