72DP; Craig & Karl’s Car Park Mural

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72DP; Craig & Karl’s Car Park Mural

Duo's blisteringly colourful car park transformation...

Cornea shattering, iris exploding; Craig & Karl‘s latest large-scale mural literally rips your eyeballs from their optic nerves and smashes them around with colourful fury and rage. 72DP – as they call it – is essentially the transformation of a dark, concrete underground car park into a smörgåsbord of ultra-bright geometric forms that brazenly snake their way out to street level.

The internationally renowned duo – who have worked for the likes of Apple, MTV and Nike – were commissioned to transform the space by the owners of the award-winning residence in Sydney’s Darling Point (designed by architects Marsh Cashman Koolloos), with the brief to leave larger wall spaces free for potential future commissions…

Craig & Karl's Car Park Mural Craig & Karl's Car Park Mural Craig & Karl's Car Park Mural

Photography: Katherine Lu


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