Fabbrica, Bergen

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Fabbrica, Bergen

Charming Dutch restaurant revels in the rustic...

Amsterdam-based architect/designers Tjep have revisited the train cabin style booths that they devised for Rotterdam restaurant Fabbrica at the eatery’s new offshoot in the Dutch town of Bergen; amongst other delightfully rustic and retro touches. “It’s not time for Bling Bling anymore, people want more authenticity and less entertainment” say the studio, and authentic – and quite lovely – it is too. The stacked logs, exposed electrics, dangling cables and vintage wallpaper all accompany and compliment those adorable little booths, with their individual chandeliers and steps, and there’s a distinct charm to the space’s rough edges. When rustic looks this good, who needs bling?

Fabbrica, Bergen Fabbrica, Bergen Fabbrica, Bergen Fabbrica, Bergen Fabbrica, Bergen


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