Architecture Essay Ideas


Architecture Essay Ideas

An architecture essay can be challenging, sometimes even starting seems impossible. These subject ideas can help get you started...

Writing architecture essays can be challenging, especially if you are a student. Whilst the content is the main focus, having a great subject to start with is critical. However, that can sometimes be the most difficult thing. Luckily, this article is here to help. Here are some great architecture essay subject ideas that can get you started, provided by the folk at academichelp.

Top Architecture Essay Subjects For Your Inspiration

Architecture Essay Ideas

1 – Architecture and Function in Religions

Many of the architectural structures across all religions still exist to this day, and in the case of Gaudí’s famous cathedral, some are still being built. Each architectural design has great significance to every religion, and we can use many to learn about the history of those religions.

2 – Why Did Neo-Gothic Architecture Become Popular During the 19th Century?

From the 12th century to the 19th century, the era was associated with the emergence of Ne-Gothic architecture. The Neo-Gothic period started in Paris and spread all over medieval Europe.

3 – What Are the Roman Treasures for the Modern World?

Much of our history is preserved for people in the present to learn more about their roots and existence. Historic architecture can be a learning tool, a tourist attraction, a place of continued worship; but what impact can it have on our modern world?

4 – Analysis of Architectural Objects

Many architectural objects in the current world have been used for many years. This essay can describe past architectural things and their significance to society, but also where architecture can go in a high-tech modern world.

Top Architecture Essay Subjects For Your Inspiration

5 – Use of Mathematics in Architecture

This is one for the engineers. When building a structure, mathematics has to be applied to calculate accuracy and angles that will bring out the best building. In most cases, architects use geometry. This is a study that can go deep into the analytics of engineering in architecture.

6 – Space: One of the Key Components of Architecture

In architecture, space is the the area in which people exist. Between the ground, ceiling, and walls is where the building takes on its life, and how it operates for society at large. Space can be open, concentrated or closed. Space helps social interactions among people. In this architecture essay, one can discuss the publics physical relationship with space, and how that contributes to architecture theory as a whole.

7 – What Are the Ethical Obligations of Architecture?

There must be planning, designing, and finally, construction to gain the best architectural structures. Architectural designs of public buildings and physical infrastructures like roads and bridges, however, often have ethical obligations that reach far beyond aesthetics.

8 – Is There a Relationship Between Fashion and Architecture?

There can be a fascinating relationship between fashion and architecture, since the two have such an impact upon popular culture. Whilst the relationship may not extend to buildings aping the catwalk, per se, movements such as Ettore Sottsass’s Memphis Design, and its recent renaissance, show how architecture can easily be dictated by contemporary trends.

Top Architecture Essay Subjects For Your Inspiration

9 – Are Beliefs Made Possible Through Architecture?

Most religious buildings in the past have had profound significance to their people, and there are many belief systems attached to their function in society. For instance, the Egyptian pyramids were built for one of the first civilisations to believe in the afterlife; those who wanted to be comfortable after death, notably the royal and extremely wealthy, would have these temples built to facilitate their beliefs. Are there examples in the modern age?

10 – What is Sustainable Architecture?

With the rise of global warming, most governments have eradicated many activities that pollute the environment. The architectural industry is among the sectors that play a role in air pollution. Are there strategies that architects can use to make the planet a safer place?

11 – Athletic Training Centre Analysis

In modern society, sports are greatly valued. Most governments and institutions are building training stadiums for athletes, at all different levels, which enhance their activities. It gives many talented people a place to nurture their talent and improve. But how do they interact with society? How can the building itself have an impact upon the success of those sportspeople who occupy them?

12 – Critical Evaluation of Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture involves land investigation, preservation, scheduling, management, and rehabilitation. With many land regulations set in place by governments, most architects are limited to developing the landscape as they wish. When they do, though, landscape architecture can dramatically change the way a building feels; it can also provide a stimulating space for the public to come together, and can have a hugely positive impact upon society.

Top Architecture Essay Subjects For Your Inspiration

13 – Architectural Projects From the Era of Industrialisation

Industrialisation developments highly changed architecture in order to adapt to the significant changes in industry. Due to industrialisation, big cities emerged to produce products we need for both survival and enjoyment. Traditional buildings, however, have largely given way to modern facilities, with factories repurposes for business and cultural means.

14 – Architecture and Transport

There is an interesting relationship between architecture and transport since the infrastructure of transportation needs to integrate into urban and suburban life. Most modes of transportation, such as roads and railways, have developed due to better architectural designs. But, where can this go in a future of auto-driving cars, drone taxis and delivery robots?

15 – Classification of Several Types of Architecture

There are many types of architecture, from ancient to modern and all in between. Some, however, are difficult to classify, as their characteristics can cross disciplines and styles. In this architecture essay, you can describe each characteristic and the significance it has to society today, whilst breaking apart different styles and methods.