The Best Sex Toys for Men, from Cock Rings to “Guybrators” and More


The Best Sex Toys for Men, from Cock Rings to “Guybrators” and More

37 Best Male Sex Toys 2023: Fleshlights to auto masturbators

Sex is like pizza—you’re always happy you’re having some. But just as frozen pizza can’t compare to the finest Italian chef, the best male sex toys like the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage can open up a whole new world of solo fun or sex.

And we get it guys – there’s a stigma around using sex toys if you’re a dude. But all you need to do is send those feelings of shame or awkwardness back to the ‘50s, where they belong.

Trust us on this—the only thing you’ll regret is not trying some of the best male sex toys from our list sooner.

The 37 Best Sex Toys For Men in 2023

1. Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage – Best Male Sex Toy Overall

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage




– One of the cheapest masturbation sleeves
– Soft inside with bumpy texture
– Open-ended design

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage tops our list of the best male sex toys, as it’s one of the best strokers out there. Unlike most other masturbation sleeves, it doesn’t mimic the look of a hole but leaves that part up to your imagination.

>>>Check the best price for Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

2. Lovense Edge – Best Prostate Massager

Lovense Edge


$99 (currently on sale for $69)


– 3.13 inches insertable length
– Fits comfortably
– Gently massages

A good prostate massager is kinda like the latest Playstation—hard to find and equally a euphoric experience. The Lovense Edge is a legend, with an adjustable massager head and a handle that allows easy control. Hit the perfect spot with ease.

>>>Check the best price for Lovense Edge

3. TENGA Eggs Easy Beat – Best Japanese Sex Eggs

TENGA Eggs Easy Beat




– 6 different textures – 1 for each egg
– Lubricant in each egg
– Disposable—no need to bother washing

Eggs and sex play? You’ll forget how funny that sounds as soon as you put on one of these bad boys and start stroking. The squishy disposable masturbation sleeve is underneath the egg ‘shell’ and even includes lube.

>>>Check the best price for TENGA Eggs Easy Beat

4. Autoblow AI – Best Automatic Masturbator

Autoblow AI


$299.95 (now on sale for $235.95)


– 10 different speeds
– Interchangeable, reusable sleeves
– Feels like getting a blowjob

Autoblow AI is one of the best male sex toys when you don’t feel like using your hands. Let the toy earn its price. Trust us; it will. And it won’t just go up and down—it will move around, do waves, squeeze, tease, and it WILL please.

>>>Check the best price for Autoblow AI

5. FUN FACTORY Manta – Best Blowjob Accessory





– Super-stimulating ridges
– Powerful vibrations
– Great for edging lovers

If you’re bored with masturbation sleeves and strokes and want to try something else, FUN FACTORY Manta is one of the best male sex toys. It’s great for edging and building intensity for the most awesome glorious conclusions, and you can use it as a blowjob accessory.

>>>Check the best price for FUN FACTORY Manta

6. LoveHoney BASICS Clear Textured Stroker – Best Cheap Sex Toy for Men

LoveHoney BASICS Clear Textured Stroker




– Cheap male masturbation toy
– Clear, stretchy material
– 5.5-inch and open-ended

If you’re new to male adult toys and don’t want to spend a fortune on your first try, this $9.99 stroker is a good choice. It’s easy to use and clean, and you’ll be able to see your member as you’re brought to kingdom cum by the toy’s tiny tendrils.

>>>Check the best price for LoveHoney BASICS Clear Textured Stroker

7. Lelo TOR 2 – Best Cock Ring

Lelo TOR 2




– Stretchy body-safe silicone fits all girths
– Fits snuggly but not too tightly
– Massages your partner’s clit

A cock ring is the best men’s adult toy you could get to improve your partner’s experience during sex. Don’t get us wrong, the ring will blow your mind, too, but it will make her legs shake and keep her coming back for more.

>>>Check the best price for Lelo TOR 2

8. Fleshlight Flight Pilot – Best Travel-Friendly Masturbator

Fleshlight Flight Pilot




– Affordable for a branded sex toy
– Real-feel super skin
– Not for those who like realistic sex toys for men

The Fleshlight Flight Pilot doesn’t look like a male masturbation toy (that’s the point!) or any female body part, but it sure feels like having intercourse. It will become your go-to buddy for solo fun unless you pack more than 6 inches, in which case you should choose another stroker.

>>>Check the best price for Fleshlight Flight Pilot

9. Lovense Max 2 – Best Long-Distance Male Masturbation Toy

Lovense Max 2


$199 (now on sale for $109)


– Sync it with a partner’s Lovense toy
– Smartphone app control
– Vibrations, contractions – hands-free fun

You can use Lovense Max 2 alone, but the toy becomes the best cock-milking machine when you combine it with the Lovense Nora. That’s the female vibrator you and your partner can sync in for long-distance sexy fun over Wi-Fi.

>>>Check the best price for Lovense Max 2

10. Mantric Rechargeable P-Spot Vibrator – Best Remote Control Prostate Massager

Mantric Rechargeable P-Spot Vibrator




– Remote control option
– Ergonomically designed to hit the right spot
– 100% waterproof

If you’re just starting out with bringing pleasure to your P-spot (what took you so long?), you will love this small dildo for men. It’s small and tight enough not to freak beginners out but big enough to bring pleasure.

>>>Check the best price for Mantric Rechargeable P-Spot Vibrator

11. TENGA Onacup – Best Disposable Masturbator

TENGA Onacup




– Mimics a deep-throat blowjob
– Single-use
– Tight and powerful suction
– Self-lubricating rim

TENGA Onacup packs tight and powerful suction motions that will blow you to kingdom cum in the most spectacular way. The only downside to this male masturbation toy is that it’s single-use, and using it all the time would be too pricey.

>>>Check the best price for TENGA Onacup

12. LoveHoney Mega Mighty 3 Inches Penis Extender – Best Penis Extender

LoveHoney Mega Mighty 3 Inches Penis Extender




– Adds 1-3 extra inches
– Stays in place for long wear and play
– Clear, black, and skin tones available
– Realistic details

Who wouldn’t like a bigger member, at least for a while? This penis extender will make it happen, and it will sit nicely and tightly. The sight of your penis enlarged will make you feel even more confident, and its touch may give your partner the ultimate pleasure.

>>>Check the best price for LoveHoney Mega Mighty 3 Inches Penis Extender

13. NJOY Pure Wand – Best Dildo for Men With Experience

NJOY Pure Wand




– For those who know what they’re doing with prostate stimulation
– Can be used for G-spot stimulation, too
– 316-grade stainless steel

NJOY Pure Wand is one of the best male sex toys for those experienced with prostate stimulation. Otherwise, it may take you some time to learn to find the right spot. You can also use it on your partner for G-spot stimulation, making it one of the very few all-gender sex toys!

>>>Check the best price for NJOY Pure Wand

14. LoveHoney Glass Booty Buddy – Best Glass Butt Plug

LoveHoney Glass Booty Buddy




– Shatter-resistant, hypoallergenic glass
– Compatible with all lubes
– Beginner-friendly size
– Easy to clean

The Glass Booty Buddy is another one of those ‘small enough not to freak you out but big enough to hit all the right spots’ butt plugs. You can use it alone for P-spot orgasms or combine it with intercourse for a more fulfilling experience.

>>>Check the best price for LoveHoney Glass Booty Buddy

15. TANTUS Silicone P-Spot Anal Vibrator – Best Anal Vibrator for Experienced Men

TANTUS Silicone P-Spot Anal Vibrator




– 7 inches of insertable length
– For those experienced with anal play
– Curved to hit the right spots

If you are not an anal play newbie spooked by the size of a vibrator and need a bigger toy to play with, you will love this men’s vibrator. You can also use it as an anal or vaginal vibrator on your partner, alone, or during intercourse.

>>>Check the best price for TANTUS Silicone P-Spot Anal Vibrator

16. BATHMATE Hydromax 9 Penis Pump – Best Penis Pump

BATHMATE Hydromax 9 Penis Pump




– Can increase penis size by up to 25%
– Train erections to last longer
– Helps you get it up faster
– 3 colors available: clear, blue, and pink

BATHMATE Hydromax 9 Penis Pump is the ultimate sex toy for men as it helps your penis transform into a powerful, pleasure-giving giant. It will help your member get hard faster, stay hard longer, and get bigger.

>>>Check the best price for BATHMATE Hydromax 9 Penis Pump

17. Aneros Progasm – Best Large Prostate Massager

Aneros Progasm




– Old, but gold
– Long-term fan favorite
– High-grade plastic

The Aneros Progasm has been around for almost two decades. It has withstood the test of time and the arrival of newer dildos for men for good reason. Aneros Progasm is the classic go-to for those new to back-door fun. It’s also a decent size, making it perfect for the seasoned prostate massager enthusiast.

>>>Check the best price for Aneros Progasm

18. Lelo Loki Wave – Best “Come Hither” Men’s Vibrator

Lelo Loki Wave




– Additional ‘WaveMotion’ motor
– Additional perineum arm
– “Come Hither” Motion

The new and improved version of the original Lelo Loki, the Wave, has two arms of different sizes and a ‘WaveMotion’ motor that makes all the difference in anal play. The “come hither” motion caresses your internal G-spot, leading to toe-curling mind-blowing orgasms.

>>>Check the best price for Lelo Loki Wave

19. Fleshlight Autumn Falls – Best Celebrity Fleshlight

Fleshlight Autumn Falls




– Vagina & butt version
– Realistic replicas of the actress’s body parts
– Elaborate internal texture with three chambers
– Tight and intense suction

If you are a fan of Autumn Falls, you’ll love this fleshlight, whose openings are modeled after her lady parts. The Autumn Falls Fleshlight won’t disappoint if you’re just looking for a realistic fleshlight with powerful suction and intense texture.

>>>Check the best price for Fleshlight Autumn Falls

20. WeVibe Vector – Best Remote Control Men’s Vibrator

WeVibe Vector




– Small size, perfect for beginners
– Adjustable internal prostate stimulator
– Dual vibrations (to the prostate and perineum)
– Remote control app

If you’re new to anal play and don’t really know what to do back there but want to give it a shot, the WeVibe Vector is a good starter toy. Give the reins to your partner via the remote control app, relax, and enjoy the vibes.

>>>Check the best price for WeVibe Vector

21. THRUST Pro Mini Ella – Best Affordable Pocket Pussy

THRUST Pro Mini Ella




– Affordable
– Super tight and textured
– Realistic look in different skin tones
– 5 inches may be small for some

The THRUST Pro Mini Ella is one of the best male sex toys on a budget. It has a realistic look and feel to it, and it will make you climax like you’re having some. You can also slip in a bullet vibrator (separately sold) for extra vibration sensation.

>>>Check the best price for THRUST Pro Mini Ella

22. TENGA Flip Zero – Best Unique Sex Toy

TENGA Flip Zero




– Feels like a blowjob out of this world
– 4 unique textures with different shapes
– 5 vibration settings

Another unusual sex toy for men from TENGA that kinda feels like a wet blowjob, but better because of all the different sensations going on. The best part? It’s so easy to clean despite the elaborate interior texture, as you can pop it open.

>>>Check the best price for TENGA Flip Zero

23. TRACEY COX Supersex Stroker – Best Affordable Stroker

TRACEY COX Supersex Stroker




– Very flexible
– 2 sides: 1 ridged and 1 with nodules
– For girths of 1-3 inches

Give this flexible stroker a chance—it’s the best cheap masturbation sleeve on our list. It’s got two sides, one that mimics a blowjob and the other a vagina. What more can you ask for in a male masturbation sleeve?

>>>Check the best price for TRACEY COX Supersex Stroker

24. Fleshlight Riley Reid – Best Celebrity Pocket Pussy

Fleshlight Riley Reid




– 2 versions: vagina & anal
– Both versions modeled after Riley’s body parts
– 4 distinct pleasure chambers
– Utopia sleeve with realistic super skin material

If you’re a fan of Riley Reid and would like to get it on with one of the best pocket pussies around, the Fleshlight Riley Reid is the next best thing, as it’s modeled after her. The tight grip and four different texture patterns will make you cum as hard as if you were humping Riley herself.

>>>Check the best price for Fleshlight Riley Reid

25. Lovense Gush – Best Hands-Free Glans Massager

Lovense Gush


$199 (now on sale for $99)


– Shaped like a slap bracelet
– Remote control through the Lovense app
– Fits most penises (1.25’’ internal diameter)
– Fairly quiet
– Waterproof

There are many ways you can use Lovense Gush for solo fun and even incorporate it into your sex life, but we recommend placing it around the head of your shaft. That way, you’ll get the most out of the vibrations and may even cum hands-free.

>>>Check the best price for Lovense Gush

26. TRACEY COX Edge – Best Cheap Penis Pump





– More affordable than other penis pumps
– 7.5 inches of insertable length
– Brings stronger and more intense erections

The TRACEY COX Edge comes with an attractive price tag and a guide from Tracey Cox herself on how to stay strong all night long and get 30% bigger. And it works! Check out one of the most affordable penis pumps on the market.

>>>Check the best price for TRACEY COX Edge

27. LoveHoney Rocks off Big Boy – Best Prostate Massager for Size Kings

LoveHoney Rocks off Big Boy




– 12.5 inches long
– 5 inches of girth
– For the experienced or brave
– Comes with vibrating bullet

Are you man enough for the Big Boy? Because this men’s vibrator is for pros and the brave only. The toy is quiet like a church mouse, but you won’t be if you dare try it (and we can’t recommend it enough).

>>>Check the best price for LoveHoney Rocks off Big Boy

28. Aneros Helix Syn Trident – Best Prostate Massager for Beginners

Aneros Helix Syn Trident




– Excellent for beginners
– Stimulates all the anal hotspots and perineum
– Hands-free
– Fits easily

The Aneros Helix Syn Trident slides easily into your behind, which makes it an excellent choice for prostate massage beginners. But don’t let its small size fool you—it will build up the intensity just right and bring you to your knees… with a little practice.

>>>Check the best price for Aneros Helix Syn Trident

29. Stimulation Enhancer Textured Penis Sleeve by LoveHoney – Best Girth Enhancer

Stimulation Enhancer Textured Penis Sleeve by LoveHoney




– Enhances girth by 2.5 inches
– Stretchy textured sleeve
– Attached by a ball ring

This is more of a sex toy for your partner’s pleasure than your own, but (the sounds of) her pleasure will aid to your pleasure if you know what we mean. Let’s face it—size does matter, and this is the easiest and most affordable way to add a couple of inches to your girth.

>>>Check the best price for Stimulation Enhancer Textured Penis Sleeve by LoveHoney

30. Lelo Billy 2 – Best Men’s Vibrator for Newbies

Lelo Billy 2



Quick Stats

– 3.9 inches of insertable size
– Optimal angle for P-spot orgasm
– 8 stimulation modes with distinct speeds & intensities

With 3.9 inches of insertable size, Lelo Billy 2 is a good choice for those just starting out with men’s vibrators. You can also use it during intercourse, stimulating your or your partner’s P-spot for double pleasure.

>>>Check the best price for Lelo Billy 2

31. LoveHoney Bionic Bullet – Best Affordable Cock Ring

LoveHoney Bionic Bullet




– Dual ring
– Place it over your shaft and testicles
– Comes with bullet vibe (can be used separately)
– Secure fit

LoveHoney Bionic Bullet is the ultimate couples’ toy as it stimulates your member and balls as well as your partner’s clit, bringing you both to melt in pleasure.

>>>Check the best price for LoveHoney Bionic Bullet

32. Aneros Vice 2 – Best Intense Prostate Vibrator

Aneros Vice 2




– Deeper & heavier sensations than other prostate vibrators
– Wireless remote control
– USB rechargeable
– Not for beginners

Aneros Vice 2 is for those experienced in anal play who want something new. Not necessarily something bigger, but something more powerful and wild. You will find just that in Aneros Vice 2 prostate vibrator.

>>>Check the best price for Aneros Vice 2

33. Kiiroo Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Interactive – Best Interactive Sex Toy for Men

Kiiroo Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Interactive




– Sync in with erotic content or the partner’s device
– Hands-free toy (no stroke needed)
– Accommodates variety of penis shapes & sizes

$179 is a lot for men’s adult toys, but, boy, does this one bring bang for your buck. It’s hands-free, has six different orgasm-driving vibrations, and can be synced in with your favorite VR porn or your partner’s Kiiroo sex toy.

>>>Check the best price for Kiiroo Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Interactive

34. FUN FACTORY X LoveHoney Cobra Libre II – Best Penis Head Vibrator

FUN FACTORY X LoveHoney Cobra Libre II




– 11 different vibration settings
– Light & portable
– Could be used in couples’ play
– Not suitable for girthier shafts

Not the jack of all trades, but it does what it set out to do, and it does it well. If you like penis head vibrators, you won’t be disappointed. You and your partner can get imaginative and use it together, with her rubbing against the sheath as it stimulates your shaft head. You do you.

>>>Check the best price for FUN FACTORY X LoveHoney Cobra Libre II

35. LoveHoney High Roller – Best Rotating Prostate Massager

LoveHoney High Roller




– 4.5 inches of insertable length
– Rotating head
– Remote control
– Intense P-spot stimulation
– Waterproof

This little bad boy rotates its head to find (and hit!) all the right spots in your anus. Don’t let its small size fool you—it packs some major power when it comes to vibrations, and it can give you some major pleasure.

>>>Check the best price for LoveHoney High Roller

36. Fleshlight Stoya Destroya – Most Realistic Fleshlight

Fleshlight Stoya Destroya




– Soft and flesh-like material with impeccable attention to detail
– 4 distinctly textured chambers
– Textures work in sync for a seamless experience
– Tight & intense

The fleshlight really lives up to its name and the hype—it’s one of the most intense and realistic fleshlights, designed after the real vagina of adult actress Stoya. If you’re up for some powerful suction, you’ll really, really love it!

>>>Check the best price for Fleshlight Stoya Destroya

37. Shower Mount for Fleshlight – Best Sex Toy Accessory

Shower Mount for Fleshlight




– Suction cup fits firmly to a smooth surface
– Adjustable hinge with a fastening option
– Easy to set up and use

Do you like fleshlights and jerking off in the shower? You’ll love the Shower Mount for Fleshlight. Install it in the shower and give your hand a break. And you’re in the perfect place to clean up after you’re finished. How convenient.

>>>Check the best price for Shower Mount for Fleshlight

What Kind of Sex Toys Do Men Use?

While there are many different types of male sex toys on the market, the most popular sex toys for men can be broken into these 5 categories:

1 – Fleshlights and strokers – Also known as masturbation sleeves or ‘pocket pussies’, these sex toys for men mimic a vagina/anus/mouth and are, by far, the most popular sex toys for men.

2 – Penis vibrators – They stimulate your penis (or parts of it) and give you that pleasing vibrating sensation

3 – Prostate massagers – These male adult toys massage your prostate (the anal G spot) and give you a new type of pleasure or orgasm. You can use them on your own or combined with other men’s adult toys or in sex – there are vibrating and non-vibrating versions

4 – Automatic masturbators – Type of masturbation sleeves designed to mimic intercourse. Your chance to just lay there, put your weenie in, and let the toy do all the work.

5 – Cock rings – Rubber rings, sometimes with vibrating sensations. You can use them on your own or with a partner—they will love the additional sensation and the way they can help men with ED to get/maintain an erection.

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Best Male Sex Toys FAQs

After listing the best male sex toys we’ve had the pleasure of testing, we’ll address some of the most commonly asked questions about men’s adult toys.

Why Should Men Use Sex Toys?

Some of the best male sex toys can:

– improve your solo fun
– make your orgasms more intense
– help you stay hard for longer
– spice things up in your sex life

While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with a bit of old-fashioned hand-based masturbation, the best male sex toys add new sensations into your solo/partner play and just generally keep things more interesting.

You only live once!

How Many Men Use Sex Toys?

46% of men in the US said they owned at least one anal toy, while 41% said they owned at least one vibrator, according to a 2022 survey [1].

So while sex toys for men may be taboo among many people, basically half of us are doing it… if not more (secretly).

What Are the Best Materials Used for Male Sex Toys?

The best materials used for male sex toys are body-safe materials such as:

– Silicone – Makes the best male sex toys more realistic and flexible
– ABS plastic – Easy to clean & body-safe
– Stainless steel – Not porous and easy to clean
– Borosilicate glass – Not porous or toxic, and it keeps its form in high temperatures

How Can Men Have Stronger Orgasms?

Men can experience stronger orgasms when they experiment with some of the best male sex toys. Vibrating toys can help you stay hard for longer and finish more intensely, textured toys can bring a new rubbing sensation, and male prostate massagers can introduce you to a whole new kind of orgasm – the minutes-long “super orgasm”.

Yes, super orgasms are real.

What Are the Best Male Sex Toys for Those Who Cannot Get Hard?

Vibrating cock rings like Lelo TOR 2 can help you get hard and stay hard for longer with the power of vibration. Penis pumps like the BATHMATE HydroMax 9 Penis Pump are also a great choice, as these toys were designed to train your erections and help you get it up faster.

What Is the Best Lubricant for Male Sex Toys?

Water-based lubes are the best, as they go with all kinds of sex toys for men. Silicone-based lubricants are longer lasting, but you can’t use them with silicone toys as they can break down the toy’s silicone.

If appropriate for the men’s sex toy you’re using, oil-based lubes like coconut oil can be really fun and long-lasting too. It also smells nice, which is a bonus!

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The Bottom Line on the Best Male Sex Toys

All the products on our list of best male sex toys are made of body-safe materials, are of high quality, and bring value for money.

If you had to pick just one, we highly recommend the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage as the ultimate men’s adult toy. But, you know what they say—different stroke(r)s for different folks, and there’s a toy for everyone on our list.

References: 1 – Published by Statista Research Department, and Sep 22. “United States: Most Popular Sex Toy Types among Men 2022.” Statista, 22 Sept. 2022,