Penis Extenders, Do They Work?


Penis Extenders, Do They Work?

Penis Extenders: Do they work? What to expect? We review 10 popular penile extension, stretching and enlargement devices...

First of all, let’s answer the #1 question right off the bat: do they work? The short answer is: yes, but only if you have the right expectations.

The long answer is: penis extenders have shown some positive results across various clinical studies when it comes to the treatment of some penile conditions and afflictions. However, there are no quick gains and you need to set your expectations straight (pun not intended). Also, you can expect to see positive results from these devices if (and only if):

1. You use the right medically-proven and tested device. (see our reviews below)
2. You use it correctly as intended and based on its instructions and/or your doctor’s recommendations.
3. You have the right expectations in mind and are using it for a specific condition that it has been thoroughly tested for.
4. Show extreme caution and patience while using it. Use common sense. No quick gains here! This is a long process no matter which condition you’re planning to treat or what results you are expecting from using such a device.
5. Ideally you get supervised by a doctor or urologist along the way.

If you’re a beginner in this space and just started learning about penis stretchers and extenders, we recommend that you do your own due diligence and open up this conversation with your doctor or urologist. If your doctor is being dismissive or seems uninformed about this topic, do yourself a favour and find another doctor or urologist that DOES have experience in this space.

It will only take a few phone calls to different urologists in your area to find someone who is willing to assist you in this process and answer your questions. This is no longer a taboo topic and many urologists routinely recommend these penis traction devices for various issues, including penis enlargement and lengthening.

Penis Extenders, Do They Work?

Photo, Charles Deluvio.

What does the SCIENCE say about penile extenders & stretchers?

First of all, understand that penis extension devices have been used and recommended by doctors and urologists to treat various penile and male sexual conditions (like Peyronies and Micropenis diseases) for decades now. These devices represent a good alternative for those that want to avoid surgery and attempt to fix their issues in a natural and non-invasive manner.

Also, understand the basic scientific principle behind these devices: human cells divide when stretched. The process is called cellular mitosis. We have all seen images of women from certain tribes in Africa, Asia, and other areas who have elongated necks, earlobes, or other body parts. Cellular mitosis and cytokinesis is real and it technically works whether we’re talking about your neck, ear lobes, lips, muscle tissue, or penis!

Stretching with an extender will cause microtears. The cells will respond by dividing themselves continuously to cover the gaps caused by those microtears. Simple enough to understand, right? Now let’s look at some of the publicly available studies covering penis extenders and what their outcomes were:

What are doctors and urologists saying about penis extension or traction?

Many renowned doctors and urologists have publicly expressed their positive outlook on penile extenders and traction devices as a treatment for penile curvature and for enlargement/lengthening as well for those suffering from below-average size. You can use these quotes to convince your reluctant doctor or urologist that penis extenders are worth a try!

– Dr. Matthew Ziegelmann, Urologist at Mayo Clinic. “Penile traction is the only treatment that has been clinically shown to increase penile length. It may also improve penile curvature and indentation.” (source)

– Dr. Stefan Buntrock, Urologist, Germany. “Traction has been successfully used for thousands of years by humans for different body parts like earlobes, lips, necks, etc, so there’s reason to believe that it also works for the penis as well.” (source)

– Dr. Rena Malik, M.D. Maryland. “You can gain a small amount of length with penile traction therapy and that has been shown in the literature” (source)

– Dr. Neil Baum, Urologist. New Orleans. “The benefits from using a penis extender include an improvement in penile curvature, and you can also expect an increase in size and length of the penis.” (source)

– Dr. Robert Chan, Urologist, California. “the results of penile traction as a treatment for penile curvature are pretty good” (source)

What to look for in a penis extender

1 – Which type of traction system does it use? There is the traditional silicone band aka “glans choking” mechanism which most extenders use. This system involves metal rods and a silicone band that wraps around your glans and pulls onto it.

There are also some newer devices that use the vacuum suction cup system. This basically involves a system that sucks in your glans within an enclosed cup using vacuum force and holds it tightly in place. Many find this system more comfortable and less painful for long-term wearing, but others find it complex to set up and think the traditional glans choking system easier to put on and off.

It’s something you need to decide by yourself.

2 – Were doctors involved in the design and/or testing? You don’t want to buy a penis extender or stretcher designed by someone that doesn’t understand male anatomy. When a urologist or doctor is involved in the design or testing of the device, you can rest assured that you are buying a medically-proven device that isn’t going to injure you or fall apart easily.

3 – Do you prefer to pull using metal rods, a belt or weights? These are the 3 pulling systems that are widely available. Most penile traction devices use the traditional metal rod system. Some high-end extenders, like the Penimaster, will give you the materials for all three options, so you can choose which one you prefer. The metal rods can cause more pain at the base of your penis since there are opposing forces pulling on your glans by pushing on your body at the other end.

4 – Do you want to improve your glans’ sensitivity? If the answer is yes, go with an extender that covers your glans, such as the Penimaster Pro or Phallosan Forte. Both of these devices use a vacuum system to suck your glans inside a cup. Users have reported a significant increase in sensitivity after wearing these devices because the glans is protected from friction.

For those that don’t need the extra sensitivity or those suffering from premature ejaculation, avoid these devices as you probably wouldn’t benefit from the added sensitivity.

5 – Is there a money-back guarantee? If you don’t like how the device feels or you aren’t experiencing any good results, you want to know that you can ship back the device and recoup your money to try another one. Money-back policies vary from device to device. See our table below.

Penis Extenders, Do They Work?

Photo, Ray Tiller.

Best 10 Penile Extenders Reviewed & Compared

Now, there are hundreds of penile extenders on the market today, but you have to be careful here as the majority of them haven’t been tested against any condition, and are simply cheap knockoffs of the most tested and higher-quality ones. You don’t want to choose a device simply based on its low price.

You need to look at various factors, such as whether or not a doctor was involved in its development or testing. We selected these 10 devices based on their construction quality, medical testing and of course customer reviews.

Detailed Reviews of The Top 10 Penis Extenders

Penimaster Pro

What we liked:

– High-Quality German Engineering
– Unique Suction Cup System (No Glans Choking like many other extenders)
– Multiple Doctors Involved in Design/Testing, including Dr. Ruslan Petrovich and Dr. Ignacio Moncada.
– 4.7/5 stars on Google reviews

What we didn’t like:

– Steep price
– Multiple parts involved (does require some patience and taking to the time to read the instructions carefully for proper assembly and usage)

Designed and constructed in Berlin, Germany, this penile extender uses a unique suction cup system to allow for ultra-comfortable traction. Unlike other extenders that use silicone bands and a “choking” mechanism to pull on your glans (causing restricted blood flow to the tip of your penis), the Penimaster Pro uses a unique patented vacuum suction system that many patients prefer due to its superior comfort and enhanced blood flow to the glans.

This device has also received great reviews from Prof. Dr. Gottfried Lemperle, a renowned plastic surgeon who places the success of this product on its strategic design advantages.

In addition, Dr. Ruslan Petrovich and Dr. Ignacio Moncada have tested this device for treating Peyronie’s disease and enhancing the length of the penis in various patients with great results. Penimaster Pro comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and can ship to the United States if it’s utilized under a medical advisor.

Price: $190 to $420 depending on the specific set purchased

Expected Results: Increase penile length by .4 inches per month and reduce penile curve by 50% in 3 short months.

Phallosan Forte

What we liked:

– Unique patented vacuum system that encompasses the whole penis
– Published clinical studies back its effectiveness. (see their website)
– Testing was conducted by Dr. Michael Sohn, Chief Physician at the Urological Clinic, at the Markus Hospital, in Frankfurt, Germany, and Dr. Clemens Tilk. .Many doctors and urologists, such as Dr. Steven Morganstern, M.D. in Atlanta, are actively recommending this device to their patients.
– Received 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews

What we didn’t like:

– Steep price.
– Multiple parts involved (does require some patience and taking to the time to read the instructions carefully for proper assembly and usage)

The Phallosan Forte is another great extender developed in Germany. Some people prefer the Phallosan over the Penimaster due to its condom-like wrapper that pulls a larger area of your penis as opposed to pulling on the glans only. It uses a vacuum protector and patented orthopedic belt system to elongate and grow the penis.

Through the use of a slight vacuum pull that you won’t be able to feel or notice, this product will put tension on the whole exterior of the penis at once and force growth through the natural processes of cellular mitosis and cytokinesis.

Price: $379

Expected Results: Up to 2 inches of length and 1 inch of girth after 6 months of use.


What we liked:

– Designed by world-renowned Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D. with the participation of Dr. Finn Work Knudsen, M.D., and trials conducted by 11 other doctors worldwide. (see their website for the full list)
– Offers the ability to add up to 50% more tension than other devices.
– Best money-back guarantee in the industry.

What we didn’t like:

– For some users, the traditional suction system (silicone band) can be painful on the glans and offer less comfort than vacuum suction devices

If you are looking for a standard penis extender that uses a traditional traction system as opposed to the vacuum suction, SizeGenetics might be your best bet. This penis stretcher is produced in Denmark by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D. Dr. Siana has clinics in both Germany and Denmark and is a world expert when it comes to penis size enlargement. Multiple doctors took part in testing this device, as listed on the device’s homepage.

SizeGenetics also comes with a full money-back guarantee that doesn’t have a time limit. If you try it and haven’t experienced any positive results, they will refund it, no questions asked.

The device has been proven to work for both enhancing the size of the penis and straightening curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease. Unlike other penis extenders on the market today, SizeGenetics offers quicker results due to its massive 2,800 grams of traction tension, which is about 50% more than other leading products.

However, more tension doesn’t necessarily mean quicker results. Always use caution and common sense when using any traction device. Always follow the instructions that come with the device and talk to your doctor if anything feels weird.

Price: $200 to $300 depending on the specific system purchased

Expected Results: An increase of 29% in 6 months.


What we liked:

-One of the best money back guarantees in the industry. (9 months!)
– Designed by Dana Medic, a Denmark based company that has produced several other extenders.

What we didn’t like:

– Traditional suction system can restrict bloodflow and offers less comfort than vacuum suction devices.

Manufactured in Denmark by Dana Medic, the same company behind Jes Extender and SizeGenetics, MaleEdge is a penis extender that utilizes traditional silicone band and metal rod traction to grow the length and girth of the penis as well as straighten out any unwanted curvatures. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and ships throughout the world.

Price: $149 to $200 depending on the package purchased

Expected Results: 28% gain in length in 6 months


What we liked:

– Developed and tested by Dr Paolo Montero from the University of Turin, Italy.
– Thoroughly tested. Clinical studies have been published on its effectiveness.
– Unique & patented sliding traction system
– 4 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews

What we didn’t like:

– Traditional suction system can restrict bloodflow and offers less comfort than vacuum suction devices.

The AndroPenis is developed and produced in Madrid, Spain, and tested by Dr Paolo Montero and his team from the University of Turin, Italy. The AndroPenis device is a medically tested and proven penis extender that utilizes the traditional traction technology to enhance the girth and length of the penis.

It stands apart from other products on the market due to its unique sliding traction system. Both side rods are made of 24 karat gold and have inner springs that help to sustain adequate traction no matter what angle the penis is at throughout the day.

Price: $180 to $250 depending on the package purchased

Expected Results: Reduces curvature by 60%, increases length by up to 1.6 inches, and expands girth by up to .6 inches.

Jes Extender

What we liked:

– Designed by Dana Medic, a Denmark-based company that has produced several other extenders.
– Fancy editions are available made in gold, platinum, and other high-end materials.
– 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews

What we didn’t like:

– Traditional suction system can restrict blood flow and offers less comfort than vacuum suction devices.

Yet another device by Dana Medic, the same company behind MaleEdge and SizeGenetics. We aren’t quite sure why this company has developed and marketed so many penis extenders, but oh well… the Jes Extender has been on the market since 1995 so it is likely one of their oldest devices.

It is very similar to the other two devices by the same company except this one comes in all sorts of fancy materials like gold and platinum. This product ships worldwide and comes in high-end packaging as well.

The Jes Extender offers a unique rod design that allows you to adjust the pressure tension right on the rods, with three options of 1200, 2000, and 2800 grams.

Price: $200 to $1,000 depending on the level of package purchased

Expected Results: 28% average permanent growth in 6 months

RestoreX Extender

What we liked:

– Designed specifically for Peyronie’s Disease as it offers multiple angles of extension.
– Developed in cooperation and exclusively licensed by the Mayo Clinic.

What we didn’t like:

– Traditional suction system can restrict blood flow and offers less comfort than vacuum suction devices.
– Very steep price
– Not ideal for growth/length

The RestoreX Extender was developed with cooperation from the Mayo Clinic and is one of the rare devices produced in the United States. This product is very similar to other traction devices yet comes with a much steeper price tag.

It was specifically designed to treat Peyronie’s disease and correct any penile length loss due to surgeries. RestoreX Extender offers unique opposite angular force technology, similar to the Quick Extender Pro we reviewed earlier, and an optimized traction zone that offers fast results.

Price: $525

Expected Results: 1.6 cm length increase and 28% reduction in curvature within 3 months.


What we liked:

– 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
– Rated A+ from the BBB
– Over 565,000 devices sold since launch

What we didn’t like:

– Traditional suction system can restrict blood flow and offers less comfort than vacuum suction devices.
– Lack of information about the company, the people behind it, and the design of the device. Their website offers no help.

This is one of the most popular “budget-friendly” penis extenders on the market. It has an impressive A+ on the BBB, and they claim to have sold over 565,000 units which is quite impressive. However, there is very little information out there on the ProExtender device.

Even their own website lacks information on how the device was made and who is behind its development and design. Needless to say, its good ratings, popularity, longevity and relatively low price point are the reasons this device made our list.

If you are looking for a basic and low-priced penile extender that uses the traditional traction system, nothing fancy, then this one might be your best bet.

Price: $150 to $500 depending on the package purchased

Expected Results: no claims listed

Quick Extender Pro

What we liked:

– Unique Double Strap Support System (DSS) applies tension equally throughout the penile shaft and glans.
– Made in the USA

What we didn’t like:

– Traditional suction system can restrict blood flow and offers less comfort than vacuum suction devices.

One of the most popular devices for beginners looking for a traditional and affordable stretcher! Developed and manufactured in the USA, the Quick Extender Pro is a traditionally made penis traction device that can be used to extend the length of your penis and/or to fix unwanted curvature. This product is the only one of its kind that offers a new double strap support (DSS) system specifically engineered to provide optimal tension along the entire shaft and tip of the penis.

Quick Extender Pro is built with medical-grade comfort pads that allow for evaporation of perspiration when worn and lightweight aluminum rods for sturdy bracing. This extender can be shipped worldwide and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Price: $120 to $350 depending on the specific package purchased

Expected Results: 36% increase in size over 6 months

Size Doctor Pro

What we liked:

– Made in the USA
– Unique vacuum suction system similar to the Penimaster Pro.
– Affordable price point.

What we didn’t like:

– No information can be found about this device. The website doesn’t exist anymore. Impossible to purchase this device anywhere (at the time of writing)

We couldn’t find much information about this device since they didn’t seem to have a functional website at the time of writing this article. Based on what we could find on third-party websites, the device has been designed and manufactured in Florida, and it offers a unique vacuum technology similar to the Penimaser Pro from Germany which has popularized this concept.

Negative suction creates an air-tight seal to hold the penis in place while the tension rods work to encourage the natural bodily process of mitosis to enhance the size of the penis.

Price: $85 to $200 depending on the specific package bought

Expected Results: 20% size increase in 6 months

Best Penis Extender?

Before determining which is the best penis extender, you need to ask yourself: what matters to you? For instance: is budget an issue for you? Does it matter to you if a doctor or urologist was involved in the design/testing of the device? Do you prefer traditional traction (silicone bands and metal rods) or vacuum suction?

There are many quality devices in the list above that are worth considering depending on your criteria. However, we believe that overall the Penimaster Pro stands out as the best penis extender across the board. Sure, it’s expensive just like anything that involves “German engineering”. Ultimately, here are the reasons we think the Penimaster Pro should be high on your list:

– Unique vacuum suction cup ensure maximum pulling comfort and allows free and unrestricted blood flow to your glans. (Unlike traditional devices that use silicone bands that “choke” your glans to allow traction to take place.)

– Multiple doctors and urologists were involved in the development/testing of this device.

– High-quality German engineering throughout. Everything from the packaging to the littlest parts is designed with quality materials. Nothing feels cheap/flimsy.

– Solid money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the device within 30 days, they will offer you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly penis extender, you likely won’t be able to afford vacuum suction devices like the Penimaster Pro or Phallosan Forte. Your best bet is to go with traditional traction devices like the Denmark-made SizeGenetics, or the Canadian-made ProExtender.

ProTip: if you’re still unsure which one to purchase, and have a low budget, it is always best to purchase a device that has a solid money-back guarantee, try it, and have the ability to return it if you feel uncomfortable with the assembly, wearing comfort, or process in general.

Penis Extenders, Do They Work?

Photo, Charles Deluvio.

3 Tips for Success

If you want to maximize your chances of seeing good results with your penile extender, here are some things to keep in mind:

1 – Wear the extender or stretcher for the recommended number of hours as per the instructions. No more. No less. Stick to their plan. The results reported on the company’s website are based on studies and testing for a specific amount of daily hours.

Don’t try to rush the process and risk injury or permanent damage! This is like wearing a teeth aligner. It needs to be an automatic daily routine that you “set and forget” and go on about your day.

2 – Use the bathroom before you wear the device. Don’t drink a lot of liquids while wearing the device because you’ll need to take it off to pee (obviously), and many people don’t put it back on after that. This will slow your progress.

3 – Use common sense, especially in the first few weeks. Wearing the device shouldn’t be painful and stop you from going about your day. It also shouldn’t affect your penis anatomy or erections negatively (assess your nocturnal erections). Check your penis frequently while wearing the device. Run your finger through it and assess how it feels.

If there is any numbness, pain, ,bruising or discoloration, stop wearing the device and consult your urologist or healthcare practitioner. You can also contact the support department of the company that made your device and ask them for assistance.

Penis Extender FAQ

What is a Penis Extender? (Also referred to as Penis Stretcher or Penile Traction Device)

A penis extender, also known as a penile traction device, is a device that applies a small amount of stretching tension to the penis when worn. It uses the body’s natural processes of Cellular Mitosis and Cytokinesis to enhance the length and girth of the penis slowly over time.

When worn daily for an extended amount of time, the device will cause microtears in the penis. The cells in the penis will then respond to the gaps caused by the microtears by dividing themselves in a process called cellular mitosis.

This is the same principle behind people that stretch their necks, lips, and earlobes with rings and other materials to cause tension and expansion.

What is a Penis Extender Used For?

A penis extender can be used for three main purposes: to grow the length of the penis, extend its girth, and straighten out any unwanted curvature in the penis.

Are Penis Stretchers Safe? What Are The Risks?

Due to the slight nature of how these extenders work, they’re considered safe for all adult males that follow the instructions and use them responsibly and diligently. Minor bruising or pain can happen, but most users don’t report any injuries from using these products. However, some users have reported discomfort in the form of skin rashes which were a result of uncomfortable padding of the product.

It’s highly advisable that you only wear a comfortable penis extender that you can keep on while doing your work and errands. Use extreme caution and common sense. If you feel or notice any kind of pain, discoloration, or numbness, stop using the device and consult your healthcare practitioner or urologist.

If the stretcher creates any unwanted pressure on the skin, it’s best always to remove it and reevaluate. You can contact the company that made the device for assistance. Most good companies in this space have a support department.

Are they Effective for Penis Enlargement and Elongation?

Extenders are proven to be clinically effective at enlarging and elongating the penis by several studies listed earlier in this article. They work by utilizing a sturdy brace that creates a small amount of stretching tension on the penis for an extended period of time. During this stretching, small micro-tears develop along the shaft of the penis.

While not felt by the wearer, these micro-tears encourage cellular growth at the penis. Your existing cells will divide in a process known as mitosis to fill the space. Over time, the process of mitosis will cause the penis to enlarge in girth and length due to the new cell growth.

Are they Effective for Peyronie’s?

Yes, there have been several studies showing positive results for PD patients. Penis extenders do seem to work quite well to help treat penile malformations, like Peyronie’s disease. Since they brace the penis in a particular position, they can easily be utilized to slowly straighten out these malformations over time. Refer to the studies above to learn more about how penis extenders and traction devices can help PD patients.

Are they Effective for Erectile Dysfunction?

The short answer is somewhat, but most likely indirectly. Due to the nature of how penis extenders brace the penis, they allow for more blood flow to reach various parts of the penis. Additionally, the constant tissue micro-tearing brings the immune system’s focus to the genital region, which allows it to respond quickly. While these can help to enhance penile function, whether they fully treat your erectile dysfunction will highly depend on the root source of your ED.

Penis Extenders Versus Penis Pills?

Be careful as many penis pills claim to enhance your sexual performance and increase the length and girth of your penis. In reality, there is no specific medical proof that any of the thousands of penis pills on the market today are any bit effective at growing the penis. Penis extenders, on the other hand, have scientific backing from multiple studies conducted all over the world showing positive results.

Penis Extenders Versus Penis Pumps?

Penis extenders and penis pumps are two very different products. Penis extenders are utilized over extended periods of time to naturally grow the length and/or girth of the penis. Results from a penis extender are permanent.

Penis pumps, on the other hand, are specifically designed to enhance blood flow to the penis for a short period of time, whether to induce erections or as a treatment for ED patients. They’re not meant to treat Peyronie’s or to create long-lasting results for those seeking penis enlargement.

Penis Extenders Versus Manual Stretching?

While manual penis stretching may be your first thought of how to extend the length of your penis, there haven’t been any real studies showing its effectiveness. Penis extenders, on the other hand, are supported by medical studies as an effective method for extending penis length and girth.

These extenders provide a small amount of stretch tension over an extended period of time. This is what makes them so effective as compared to short, manual stretching exercises. Very few people can manually stretch their penis for longer than a few minutes.

It’s much easier to wear a penile extender for a few hours a day, since one can still work and go about their day while wearing the stretcher. Manually stretching with your hands will prevent you from being able to do anything else since both your hands are tied, literally.

Penis Extenders Versus Jelqing?

There is no scientific evidence that jelqing helps with penis enlargement or any other penile condition. In fact, many healthcare experts consider jelqing to be a dangerous practice that should be avoided since it can bring about serious injuries to the penile tissue and cause unwanted inflammation.

Also, just like manual penis stretching, jelqing isn’t practical as it will require you to use both your hands and won’t allow you to go about your day. Most people like the ability to wear a penile extender and still be able to go to work or do something else around the house.